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Just played the Dust 541 Beta....and I'm afraid I have some bad news...

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User Info: Bottler0cket

4 years ago#31
So I've been playing this game intensively for the past week or so. Gotta say that I love the scope and ambition. If they can fully realize the concept and really tie it in to the EVE online experience then I think this game has the potential to be something really special.

However, in its current state (which is Beta let's no forget) a lot of work is needed. The maps are dull and boring, filled with horrible textures and atrocious pop in. The spawning system is all kinds of messed up. The skill point cap system in its current state gives you no incentive to play (although this is changing).

I played 4/5 games last night, in one I got stuck in the map and had to commit suicide as it would not let me move, in another game I spawned in some sort of blue hell where I constantly fell never to land (again, had to commit suicide), and in a third game I got right to the end, my team had won and instead of ending the game and picking up the skill points it just chucked me out back to my pod gaining nothing.

I have big hopes for this game, I like the concept, innovation and potential. But in its current state it remains very much that potential.

User Info: Still__Rippin

4 years ago#32
Ryphis_Demeanor posted...
Yeah I hated the first beta a few months ago. I was pretty excited for the game too but every point TC made is completely valid. It felt like an N64 game to me and that is not good at all.
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User Info: LuminescentRule

4 years ago#33
I'm downloading it right now. I'll make my own mind about its quality.
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User Info: Sevi_ney

4 years ago#34
Yeah it was a jangly mess. Couldn't hardly shoot anything. Going to bomb.
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User Info: antoinejones

4 years ago#35
JiZamez posted...
lol @ play to win

thats not pay to win those are timesavers... pay to win are games that give you exclusive overpowered weapons armor that no one else can get unless they spend money too... EVERYONE can get 200000 skill points.. youll just take longer to get it for free than if you paid for it... thats no how pay to win works...

also whys everyone whining about a free game? sure the game has bad graphics and a lotta stuff buts its fine for FREE game.. now if i had to BUY that cray THEN everyones complaints would be justified
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User Info: Raven-Z

4 years ago#36
Based on what I've read, this isn't pay2win at all. It's like those Unlock Packs you see on the PS Store (many EA games) where you pay $10 to unlock all the games content without having to work for it in-game.

They're nothing more than temporary buffs, and considering you lose them upon death anyway, they're REALLY temporary buffs. Don't throw your money away.
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  3. Just played the Dust 541 Beta....and I'm afraid I have some bad news...

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