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EDGE: Sony may push final PS4 RAM specs to 8GB GDDR5

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User Info: dj___roll

4 years ago#61
Quote:Why do they need to include that much RAM at launch? Build it with half and include a download code in case anyone needs more.
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User Info: dj___roll

4 years ago#62
Quote:The PS4 will crush the 720 so badly in graphics. It's a complete embarrassment that MS is still using fossil technology.
Oh geez, just stop. Like this gen. Both systems will be similar in quality.
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User Info: Pale Horseman

Pale Horseman
4 years ago#63
keniption posted...
No one here said they had GDDR5.

Dude reread someone quoting you...

bdavis93 posted...
keniption posted...
bdavis93 posted...
8GB GDDR5? That's ALMOST as good as my budget pc.

So let me guess you pumped in 16gbs of DDR3 thinking that your games actually took advantage of it all. When indeed they don't even come close to using it all. 8 is where it is right now with pc gaming. Unless of course you're running a few games at once.

Nope. 8GB of ram and GDDR5 I have, but I run off an SSD instead of some silly disc.
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User Info: ghostninjax

4 years ago#64
for those wanting to know the diff for gddr and ddr memory....

also gddr5 causes to much heat and would kill this system....

i dont think sony would or should do/risk that
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User Info: Pox

4 years ago#65
Totally and ridiculously unnecessary. The cost will be astronomical. Your average gaming PC has 5GBs of total ram and can handle whatever is thrown at it. Now, consider the fact that at most PCs will have 4GBs GDDR5 (I only saw a few cards with 4GBs GDDR5 and they retailed for $500-$1000). 8GBs of GDDR5 is ridiculous. Then include the fact that a PC OS uses way more memory than a console and your typical PC OS takes about 2GBs non-GDDR5. So, the most cutting edge PC out there will have 4GBs GDDR5 and require 2GBs DDR3, but they are going to put 8GBs GDDR5 in the PS4? No, I think people are misunderstanding the statement. There will be 4GBs of GDDR5 and maybe some more DDR3.
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User Info: RE4_Stranger

4 years ago#66
bob15x posted...
shawnmck posted...
keniption posted...

Except cotrollers cost more than 4gb of ram. Doubt it would drive the price up much. I'd be willing to pay a bit more for a generation of consoles that are prepared this time around for a long haul.

^ Not quite...

You're hallucinating if you think 4 Gigs of RAM cost less than a controller.

Or are you thinking of 4 MB of RAM..?
4GB =/= 4MB

Don't use retail or ebay prices and what a crappy site....

Especially when memory is known to have a very high gross profit

Tell me about it. Upgraded my cheapo laptop to 8gb ddr3 ram cause i was able to get it for cost through my work. $40
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