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Why are gamers are so critical with the games frame rate?

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User Info: djiluvu44

4 years ago#1
i know its understandable with some games like FPS and fighting games but some gamers also complain on framerate issues on their ****ing cutscenes!! I dont understand this generation.

User Info: killak

4 years ago#2
They're told what to think.

Largely, they have no clue about the subject.
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User Info: Draconas_Lyrr

4 years ago#3
I don't understand the difference between 30 and 60..once it gets close to 30 fps, I stop seeing any difference. I understand it from a technical standpoint, and I have really good eyesight, but 30 fps looks just like 60 fps to me..
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User Info: 3D3

4 years ago#4
I'm not critical but when I see 60FPS...DAT 60FPS!
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User Info: HIroChu

4 years ago#5
I honestly don't care about fps that much

User Info: Aalvi

4 years ago#6
makes it look more smooth?
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User Info: archizzy

4 years ago#7
I'm pretty easy going but think it is a valid complaint. Personally for the type of games I play I'm fine with 30fps. Especially being such a HT junkie I don't need a high frame rate.

But what is distracting and annoying is having a game that can't keep a constant rate. Especially if it really starts to chug and has momentary pauses. Is it a deal breaker? No but I would of been a whole lot happier if Dragon Age and Two Worlds II had a constant 30 fps.

2 things that really jump out at me with video games is varying frame rate with dips all over the place and screen tearing.
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User Info: lambchips

4 years ago#8
because higher fps looks better than better graphics
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User Info: Epicness2012

4 years ago#9
As long as there isn't constant noticeable slowdowns, i stop caring about frame rate
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User Info: LostSoulCalibur

4 years ago#10
lambchips posted...
because higher fps looks better than better graphics

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