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Why are gamers are so critical with the games frame rate?

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User Info: Great_Pudding_3

4 years ago#61
30 or 60 isn't a big deal to me, but when a game runs below 30, that's an issue.
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User Info: Jason_Hudson

4 years ago#62
30fps BF3 = Sluggish soldier, slower gameplay, soldier feels heavy and you simply can't react and aim like they intended

60fps BF3 = Lighter soldier, can run around freely, aim quickly.

60fps means a smoother, faster game. I built a gaming PC simply because I wanted 60fps in games. I can't imagine how you console players played Far Cry 3 with 20fps.
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User Info: agrissa

4 years ago#63
HUGE differences between 30fps and 60fps. I can't believe there are ppl with eyes bad enough to not be able to tell the difference. Gameplay-wise, high fps is a must to enjoy fast-action games.
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User Info: nurnberg

4 years ago#64
Because 30 fps is awful! It looks terrible, and it reduces the enjoyment of a game. No game should be released in 30 fps. Ever.
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User Info: djiluvu44

4 years ago#65
fallenswords posted...
did you play Shadow of the Colossus last gen?

that is a great example of a great game that has a framerate that makes it near unplayable.

Yes I did and I never had an near unplayable experience with it. Its still one of the best PS2 games ever.

User Info: DashMasters

4 years ago#66
Played Gothic 4 Arcania on the 360 and the framerate was so bad my eyes hurt for 4 days after.
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  3. Why are gamers are so critical with the games frame rate?

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