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Anyone else think FFXIII's world is very bland?

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  3. Anyone else think FFXIII's world is very bland?

User Info: userfrigginame

4 years ago#11
I agree, however I think that many other FF characters are anime-like. Cloud probably the most of all cuz his hair COMPLETELY defies gravity, although it is a natural color. Also, the sequel was in response to the negative outcry over the linearity, and the third is to bring resolution to the story that was left in limbo at the end of XIII-2. And, they're all set in different (mostly) worlds.
Also like to add that not having those shops in various towns with unique items/weapons/equipment sucked. However, that might represent how shopping is now. You can find anything you want online, and don't have to go some special place.

User Info: MudbuttSanchez

4 years ago#12
It has some decent areas but it could have been good if it offered some more interaction. I loved that icy area where it plays this song.

User Info: Draconas_Lyrr

4 years ago#13
XIII is in my top 5 FF's..and I think XIII-2 is a lot better than XIII. I loved the world, and the characters, and I think that Fang/Vanille were more like sisters.
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User Info: Thamauturge

4 years ago#14
From: Astroshak | #009
We already have a set of three games in the FF12 world, Ivalice .. FF12, FFT, Vagrant Story.

Though each of those games are among my favorite games of all time, they have vastly different gameplay styles, and their setting may be in Ivalice but the era is different for each one. I would have liked a console sequel to Final Fantasy XII that brought back the characters and gameplay style of XII.

More so, I would prefer that the next major FF release just take some of FFXIIs great ideas and use or expand on them. None of this linear garbage like FFXIII.
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User Info: Astroshak

4 years ago#15
All in all, I'm rather disappointed with direct sequels to FF games, and would rather they not occur.

FF4 The After Years I found unsatisfying, because the tales were all too short.

FF10-2 I thought SUCKED, and it is one of only two single player main-line Final Fantasy titles I could not bring myself to finish - the other being FF2. I should prolly note that I have not tried the FF7 spin-off(s).

FF13-2 I enjoyed overall, though I really did not like the pokemon-esque elements of the game.

One really bad, one "meh" at best (and I LOVED FF4), and one decent (but not really "great" or better) .. that is not a really good track record. I would rather see FF13-3 come and go, and then absolutely no more sequels for FF games ever again.
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  3. Anyone else think FFXIII's world is very bland?

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