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ITT: Post reasons why you are going with Sony next gen

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User Info: bigdaddyjug

4 years ago#41
Because I've owned a PSX, PS2, and PS3 and I've never owned any Microsoft console.

I'm loyal to a fault.
How's that workin' out for ya? Bein' clever?
PSN ID: Bigdaddyjug

User Info: Voxwik

4 years ago#42
I can post a reason why I'm considering Sony the most even if I already posted I likely will not get it at launch.

I am a huge Nintendo fan. I love Nintendo games but the decisions with consoles lately boggle me. The controller itself on the Wii U is brilliant... but it sucked so much from the budget of the system that it just wasn't worth it in my opinion. Couple that with Nintendo's continued incompetance with online. Then there's the saved game system: profiles tied to consoles, with some games having saves not tied to profiles and still only with three save slots when PS1 era games gave the user the freedom of however many files as they could store? The virtual console purchases must be moved to one machine and are bound to a machine and not one account, and you can never used them on more than one device?

One thing I'll say, I hope they open the PSN device limit by one. Two is ridiculous, if that's still what it is. I understand lowering it from five but we have two PS3s in the house so having to un-associate one to bind purchases to the PS4 would be extremely annoying.

Nintendo isn't the only company that can botch things though, as the launch of the PS3 showed (600 US dollars, no rumble). I'm still more optimistic about the PS4.

I don't particularly dislike Microsoft but I already have a huge backlog of unfinished games. I'll have a hard time justifying even the PS4, much less multiple next generation consoles. I'll probably pick up the Wii U years down the line after a couple price drops for the likes of Pikmin and Super Smash Bros. As it stands the vast majority of console games that interest me are on the PS3, and that may continue onto the PS4.

I can't emphasize enough how much I dislike how Nintendo handles its "account" system and saved game data and such. That combined to dumping too much of the budget into the controller rather than the system power are big reasons I'd consider going Sony first this time.

If the PS4 is priced reasonably and surprises everyone with backward compatibility I will be very tempted.

User Info: kingofall214

4 years ago#43
We don't know a thing about it so I can't say. However I will be very hesitant about getting an xbox 720 as I don't want to buy a system that turns into a paperweight within a year. That alone makes me want a ps4 but if Sony really screws it up then I might buy an xbox. Sony would have to screw it up really bad though for that to happen.


4 years ago#44
Loved the PS1
Loved the PS2
Eventually loved the PS3

Most consistent with giving what I want for the past 10 years. So PS4. And they support their consoles long after the new ones come out. I like that cause no rush to go next gen due to lack of support.
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