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Any games that you truly regret buying?

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User Info: DuranOfForcena

4 years ago#121
LA Noire, Demon's Souls, Max Payne 3, Dragon's Dogma, Street Fighter x Tekken, Killzone 2, Turtles in Time: Reshelled. I regret buying every one of them because I payed full price for all of them, and none of them held my interest and I ended up barely playing any of them. The one that stands out the most is Turtles in Time: Reshelled. Even though it didn't have the hefty pricetag the others did, it comes with the priceless bonus of completely ruining a classic.
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User Info: TheBaronBoom

4 years ago#122
Final Fantasy X......
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User Info: Oinotnaaa

4 years ago#123


User Info: Emperor_Dynasty

4 years ago#124
Solid_Snake124 posted...
Diablo 3...

This. However, I called and got a full refund 29 days after purchase so **** you Blizzard.

I hated this sequel so much that I will not be buying Heart of the Swarm (or any of their titles) and I actually really liked and enjoyed Wings of Liberty - a lot.

User Info: AranShiizaa

4 years ago#125
WCW NWO Thunder for the Playstation 1.
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User Info: Paragon049

4 years ago#126
The most recent one I can think of is Halo 4. Honestly wish I had never bought it.

User Info: Excalibur318

4 years ago#127
Record of Agarest War 2

User Info: Austin_4e

4 years ago#128
So far I've only seen like one or two games in this entire topic that are actually bad enough to be considered regretful. Holy hell this entire topic is just troll central and it seems like absolutely everyone here just hates fun.

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User Info: Drakillion

4 years ago#129
Blops 1, for sure. It didn't help that I bought it for FULL PRICE from the marketplace, 5 months after it was released, along with the Escalation DLC.*Whew* $80 down the drain...

The only reason why I bought it is that my close friends have it and it was a summer and I was really bored so I bought it on a whim. Really regretted it.
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User Info: Fayceless

4 years ago#130
L.A. Noire, what a waste. And to an extent, Dragon Age. (to the extent that I bought it used and sold it back, thereby not losing much)

Fortunately I only rented FF12, I returned it early. (rentals really are a smart option...)
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