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Any games that you truly regret buying?

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User Info: CatalystGuitar18

4 years ago#241
Diablo III
Starcraft II

Why do I fall into the Blizzard trap every time? I never have fun...

Dragon Age for PS3 (although I love it on PC).
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User Info: supersilver52

4 years ago#242
dbz rb2 sucked

User Info: En Sabah Nur

En Sabah Nur
4 years ago#243
Too Human
Dark Messiah of Might and Magic
Deadly Premonition
Two Worlds 2

Probably a few more out of my 200+ games. I tend to like most games but some just aren't good.
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User Info: SpacePirateSeal

4 years ago#244
Socom 4.
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User Info: Brocken_Jr

4 years ago#245
street fighter 4
super street fighter 4
street fighter 3
stranglehold (was only $2 though)
operation raccoon s****y (sold it the same day i bought it, f that g** s***)
the orange box

soul calibur 5 (was only $23 when it came out, but no endings, only 1 short characters story and nothin to do besides make a character and online. I had more fun makin characters then playin the actual game)

street fighter x tekken (again, only cost $23 first day and its to much like sf4 but all the tekken characters where nowhere near as cheap as the street fighter ones)

street fighter 2 turbo hd remix (cpu is so cheap, game is overpriced)

marvel vs capcom 2 (capcom said it was gonna be pulled from the store soon, but its still up there a year later, f***in liars)

and on ps2, mad maestro. i thought it was gonna be like parappa the rapper from the back of the box, but the game almost made me fall asleep on the first level alone IN THE AFTERNOON)
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User Info: BeerOnTap

4 years ago#246
Modern Warfare 2 was, by far, the worst one in the series.

User Info: SDFan18

4 years ago#247
I blindly went out and bought Hells Highway and NFS: Undercover and was less than happy with both of those games.
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User Info: Luigi_Fire

4 years ago#248
I regret 2 games.

The first game I regret is Battlefield 3. The main thing that ticked me off was unlocking scopes. They always gave you a 7x scope first. Here I am, using a SMG or Assault Rifle and I just want a Red Dot Scope or something under 4x. Nope, only have a 7x scope with no idea when I'll unlock a scope that I want for whatever weapon.

The second is RE: Operation Raccoon City. The Single/Co-op campaign was good for me. The Multiplayer, ugh.

I think I'm drifting from competitive multiplayer. I seem to prefer co-op games when it comes to online play.

User Info: redhotpeppers

4 years ago#249
Borderlands 2
Dragon Age 2
Portal 2

User Info: hammettJR

4 years ago#250
Terminator Salvation. Lol what was I thinking?
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