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PS4 Controller revealed??? Pic in topic. #YOLO

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User Info: TehRYNOL

4 years ago#181
Eww... The d-pad is switched with the left analogue stick.
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User Info: morphinapg

4 years ago#182
I like how everybody seems to be ignoring the second picture that was posted. The first image was outdated

User Info: iPr0kkaFTW

4 years ago#183
The first image that was provided is obviously fake and you can tell right away if you have a keen eye for Photoshop. Now with the new one posted by the TC it looks far more credible.

Edit - Here's a link with a bunch of Photoshop PS4 controllers:

That's where the TC is getting it from and claiming them as leaked images but they aren't.

User Info: Hunter_mk

4 years ago#184
all of them are fanmade, kinda obvious
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  3. PS4 Controller revealed??? Pic in topic. #YOLO

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