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Can we compile an upcoming PSFOURBIS games list?

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User Info: penemue

4 years ago#1
So games that are confirmed to be in development and possibly ready to be revealed.

1st party:

1 SSM, New IP, Stig has said it many times, it's even on his twitter. He's said it's an open world action game.

2 Media Molecule, they got about 3 million pounds in R&D money and said their next game is even more ambitious than LBP.

3 Sucker Punch as per my last post.

4 Naughty Dog as the Uncharted 3 team hasn't made a game in a long time.

5 Guerilla Games DEFINITELY have a Killzone 4 coming out close to launch.

6 Guerilla Games also created a 2nd team about 2 years ago for a Fantasy IP, so that is very interesting.

7 Ready at Dawn said to be making an Uncharted-esque game for PS4 too, it's been about 2 years.

8 There is also a game coming from Evolution Studio who made Motorstorm, I'm not sure if that's the team where the ex-PGR head was inserted but they are working on something none-the-less.

9 There is also a new title coming from Quantic Dream, titled Singularity, seeing as many of the studio members have it on their Linked-Ins and they just registered a website called SingularityPS4.

10 Lastly, Supermassive Games are working on a AAA PSFOURBIS title, they are the guys who made Wonderbook and also worked on LBP.

I don't know as much about 3rd party titles besides the obvious.
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  3. Can we compile an upcoming PSFOURBIS games list?

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