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What Games are *Almost Perfect* To You??

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User Info: ill-thoughts

4 years ago#1
i think weve all played those games that are AMAZING games but leave us saying "IF ONLY they had done this instead of this" or "this game would have been Perfect if they had done it this way". what games came the Closest to perfection for you??? and where did they flaw in your eyes???

-Godfather 2 was pretty much everything i had ever Dreamed of in an open world gangster game. it had smooth realistic character models, custom gang features, rackets and turf to control and protect, a focus on Finance, MIAMI FLORIDA MAP, the 357 and 44 Magnum revolvers (my FAVORITE handguns)...but the ONLYYYY THINGGGG that stopped me from playing that game is the fact that the other mob families stop attacking your businesses after a while...which ultimately made the game too Boring to play.

-Deus Ex Human Revolution was OMFG PERFECT. the environments they created were beautiful and effective but they were only props to the storyline and they failed to innovate the sections the way they could have. what an Amazingly missed opportunity.

-Saints Row 3 was the PERFECTTT online game imo but the inability to go 1 on 1 with your co-op (because he could be invincible :l) really took away that competitive edge that COULD have made this game a keeper for me....besides that, SR3 is a PHENOMENALLY AMAZING FANTASY GANGSTER MAYHEM SHOOTER.

-Far Cry 2: the Perfect Game, Perfect Setting, Perfect vehicle controls, Perfect weapons, Perfect Everything....but its ONLY TRUE FLAW IMO was that it felt so LONELY traveling by yourself in the desert....a Road Partner who traveled with you (preferably a woman) would have been AMAZING POH MY GOD. and Yes, 2 is better than 3, live with it.

-and last but not least, Grand Theft Auto 4 -_- all they had to do was port over Turf Wars and Mafiya Work into the singleplayer and that game would have EASILY been the Greatest Game Of All Time....but alas, it was not so....but BOGT makes up for it with Drug Wars so i give them a pass....BOGT is AMAZING.

what games are Near Perfect for you?? and what about them did you dislike??
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User Info: OaklandRaiderz

4 years ago#2
MGS4. the true meaning of fan service from beginning to end. and that means ALOT to fans of the series.

User Info: devastatorX2

4 years ago#3
Uncharted 2.

I did not like most of the games you posted. To each their own.
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User Info: RioichiCooper

4 years ago#4
Hang on, I'm trying to think of a problem with Metroid Prime.
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4 years ago#5
Uncharted 3, Kirby Superstar, Resident Evil2, Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo, and Valkyria Chronicles come close.

User Info: Maximilian101

4 years ago#6
Uncharted 2. The only thing I didn't love was the final boss. Much preferred the first and third games boss chapters.

User Info: Kage_AM2

4 years ago#7
I don't believe in perfect games. What might be perfect to someone could be merely decent to another.

User Info: edwardsharpe

4 years ago#8

User Info: TheSpaniard88

4 years ago#9
Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VII, Resident Evil 2, Final Fantasy X, GTA Vice City, MGS4.
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User Info: sicko26us

4 years ago#10
Kage_AM2 posted...
I don't believe in perfect games. What might be perfect to someone could be merely decent to another.

Great point, an example is Deus Ex: HR. I would rate it highly over-rated, I did not like it and can not play it for more than an hour, the combat sucks (I die after getting shot once) and I can't sneak worth a darn.

My perfect game would be Borderlands 2, I cant get enough of it. But I am sure other people hate it.
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