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Define a "Bad Game" for me.

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User Info: niklnip

4 years ago#1
Please. I'm actually pretty curious about it.... o3o What makes a bad game for you?
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User Info: EurAsianGirl

4 years ago#2
niklnip posted...
Please. I'm actually pretty curious about it.... o3o What makes a bad game for you?

Final Fantasy XIII is the literal definition of a "bad game."

Gameplay lol whut gameplay? We'll just make you walk down a straight line for 50 some hours while we subject you to cutscenes!
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User Info: Vorzal

4 years ago#3
Was going to but.. you're one of those people that uses that emote... *shudder*
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User Info: pixel378

4 years ago#4
A game I don't like.
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User Info: doodles40

4 years ago#5
Play Fairy Tale Fights, you'll know immediately.

User Info: agrissa

4 years ago#6
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User Info: king_madden

4 years ago#7
agrissa posted...

so is a game isnt RE6 then its a good game in your opinion? wow you like a lot of games, thats kind of cool.

for me, its basically crappy gameplay. if a game has good gameplay/combat, I can look past a bad story, music, graphics, or whatever else people here complain about.

User Info: TheWarHorse

4 years ago#8
If it's a JRPG it's a bad game.
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User Info: SDFan18

4 years ago#9
Shellshock 2.

Poor graphics, writing, gameplay, you name it.
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User Info: saborzero

4 years ago#10
anything with bad writing, clunky controls, badly paced (genre dependent) , and lack luster game modes, poorly designed, SUPER RUSHED to the point where it shows, glitchy to the point where it can be game-breaking.

Games in this category:
RE6, RE:ORC, SFxT.... seems like capcom is filling this list up preeeeety fast.

Star Ocean 4 also goes here as well as Fable 2 and also the PS1 Beyblade game... trust me on that last one. Watch youtube vids if you want the torture.
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