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PS4 question....

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User Info: Darkstorm16

4 years ago#1
Does anyone know if it's going to be backwards compatible? I mean I don't have a PS3 yet (kinda hard when your trying to scrounge place hiring yet -_-;) and I found out they are making a Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD there's some awesome PS2 HD remakes I would looooove, plus Nino no kiri that looks so awesome I don't want to miss those but in the same time I'd rather be up to date I suppose?.
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User Info: doodles40

4 years ago#2
No one knows. If they say they do they're a liar. Anything posted about PS4 is a rumor.

Chances are very good that the PS3 will still get support even years after the PS4 comes out. I can't say that for sure though, that would make me a rumor spreading (possible) liar. But the PS2 still got quite a bit of support after the PS3 came out.

All I can say is you'll have to wait until there is some sort of official announcement.
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