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If you had to boycott ONE game company, who would it be?

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User Info: primusnine

4 years ago#251

There's a reason they have been voted the worst gaming company ever.

User Info: crunchb3rry

4 years ago#252
That was always my problem with Capcom. The old Street Fighter games were so balanced. But now it's like they only cater to tourney players. "Let's how hard we can make this final boss on the easy difficulty, and then ramp it up for every increase in difficulty." The achievements lists alone are intimidating as hell for casual players.

Resident Evil has kinda been dead to me since RE5. RE4 I only liked in regards to gameplay. I think that was the game where the story took a terminal velocity nosedive. Makes Dead Rising's stories look like Shakespeare.

User Info: Revenanced

4 years ago#253
I like RPG's for the most part. I can handle mediocrity in shooting games, after all thats all it is. Having said that...

1. EA - I hate this publisher. They force developers to come out with games too early and are your stereotypical greed mongers of the industry. I'm not just upset with them about epics like Mass Effect 3, they left their lackluster mark on Command & Conquer a few years back as well. Never was the same after that. Other series include The Sims, Sim City, and Rockband. Especially Rockband. So its not just them messing up once. It's repeated behavior.

2. Square Enix - What was once my favorite company is now my least favorite due to failures with Final Fantasy series as well as refusing to release other games. The flagship is final fantasy and if it fails they see a big loss. I'd rather see other series make a comback such as the Chrono Series. Even better, I'd love to see a new franchise. The only thing agreeable the company has done recently is pick up Sleeping Dogs, though they didnt develop much of it.

3. Blizzard/Activision - I've been pretty disappointed by almost every franchise Blizzard has got. WoW just isnt for me anymore, mainly due to the fact that the game is homogenized and no longer sparkles. It's the same thing over and over. Diablo 3 was the most disappointing game I've ever seen. Never have I been so excited and let down by a game. I worry for Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm because Blizzard, Metzen has talent but you can't rely on him forever. Or you'll become another George Lucas: widely successful for previous works but doomed to fail for the rest of your existence. Jar Jar Binks, need I say more?
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User Info: djmaster1994

4 years ago#254
The Company who makes PlayStation
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User Info: AwesomePS3gamer

4 years ago#255
Crapcom or EA. One of them, most likely EA.
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User Info: DearSBravo

4 years ago#256
Capcom. I hate them more with each thing they do. Only good thing coming from them is Monster Hunter 3.

User Info: Denox123

4 years ago#257

User Info: gwizzler

4 years ago#258
Square Enix. I'm done thinking there is even a ray of light for this company anymore. All they do is pump out terrible JRPG after terrible JRPG. Sure, they have other good titles like Hitman (although I don't like the direction they went with Absolution), Sleeping Dogs, Tomb Raider (looks good so far) and Just Cause, but let's be real, most people hear SE and think of the JRPG genre. If it came down to it, I'd miss out on the other games I listed because of what they've done to the JRPG genre.
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User Info: ChrisBot2k5

4 years ago#259
I am currently boycotting Capcom.

If I had to choose another, probably Activision, but they publish the Transformers games and I can't pass on those (my Gamefaqs name being Transformer based).
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User Info: AmyUnleashed

4 years ago#260
Microsoft easily
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