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If you had to boycott ONE game company, who would it be?

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User Info: Yggdrasille

4 years ago#271
M$ and Activision. The former is successfully ignored for years, the latter is boycotted for the last 2-3 years, after they stopped releasing MUA and X-Men Legends games.
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User Info: mer2rick

4 years ago#272
EA, lets just release the same game every year with a few tweeks...gets on my nerves

User Info: Kevin_OS

4 years ago#273
Square Enix or Polyphony Digital. I'd only be missing out on one bad game every six years or so.

User Info: AndrosPsy

4 years ago#274
rockyoumonkeys posted...
I could probably boycott Capcom without any real loss. I have few Capcom games, but nothing I'd miss terribly. On the other hand, I don't really have a reason to boycott anyone except maybe EA, and EA makes far too many awesome games for me to even consider boycotting.

This, plus Square-Enix.
Gamertag: AndrosPsy
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User Info: I-ROX-HRD

4 years ago#275
Even though I loathe EA and Capcom

Gonna have to go with Square.E

User Info: erol312006

4 years ago#276
Microsoft--- i refuse to by a xbox of anykind....
the only way i'll buy one---- if they make a New Ki fighting game..
sony ps3 and nintendo 3ds got my money

User Info: __starsnostars

4 years ago#277
That's our bones in the dust shining like the sun
We were golden We were golden We were golden

User Info: pdfanboy

4 years ago#278
Activision. Call of Duty says it all.

User Info: captain-inferno

4 years ago#279
Activision greedy as f***

User Info: Spikey_Kun

4 years ago#280
EA or Activision. Both of them blend together in my eyes because they bleed a franchise dry with yearly releases and then kill it off when one doesn't sell well enough.
"Tell me the password or maybe I'll hit your weak point for massive damage!"
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  3. If you had to boycott ONE game company, who would it be?

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