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If you had to boycott ONE game company, who would it be?

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User Info: EpicKingdom_

4 years ago#71
Steam ID: Relentless-Chaos.
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User Info: Lodiss

4 years ago#72
Can I boycott the Square and not the Enix?

Yuji Hori still gets my money all day.
You were indicted

User Info: Gump_the_Great

4 years ago#73
EA, no company makes worse decisions than EA.
Multiplayer in every game, even if the game doesn't want or need it (Dead Space series, Mass Effect 3).
Microtransactions and day one DLC becoming common, along with the online passes with every game.
Buying bioware just to drive their IPs into the ground (Mass Effect, Dragon Age).
Their separation from Steam cause they wanted to promote Origin (a very s***y alternative to Steam in every way).
Their general greediness and selfishness.

User Info: 801322

4 years ago#74

User Info: diablogamer

4 years ago#75
EA because I already am.
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persistent one" Albert Einstein

User Info: Sanondail

4 years ago#76
kobalobasileus posted...
EA or Activision would be the easiest to boycott, as I barely have anything to do with them anyway.

this and square enix
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User Info: Cream0weet67

4 years ago#77
It's been said many times and I'll say it again.

Though Activision Blizzard is a close second.

User Info: zespair

4 years ago#78

User Info: vind3d

4 years ago#79
FiendingHard posted...
If you had to boycott ONE game company...

Had to? I already am. Square-Enix. I played FFXI online for around 6 years, then they stopped taking credit cards as direct form of payment. Plus I did not personally care for FFXIII. So I did not buy XIII-2 and I no longer play FFXI. Not saying I will never buy another SE title. But right now another game company got my FFXI and FFXIII-2 money.
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User Info: Sobriquet835

4 years ago#80
Ubisoft. They are as bad as any other major publisher when it comes to DLC, and for some reason they manage to publish games with fantastic concepts but somehow still boring, it's like they're missing something.
Psn: Sobriquet835
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