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Feb 20th Reveal Info (RUMORS)

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User Info: test_genisis

4 years ago#1
So like i say, this info is 100% not confirmed, it is VERY possible it is not real, and i cannot give up my source but i can say i have a childhood friend who is a high position in a major gaming site. Take this with a grain of salt and i cannot provide my source, but here is what i was told by him about what he knows may be there.

Obviously it is the PS4, conference will open with a video of popular PS1 games, go to PS2 games and PS3 games, will be about 5 mins long, sony rep who does the E3 conference will speak (cant remember his name) about gaming and how it has evolved in general, they will talk sales and all that boring **** nobody cares about and then talk about the new generation

Video will play of Battlfield 4 running on the PS3, will start with (Everything you will see is in game footage) Video is tightly under wraps so he hasnt seen any footage of it, video will be 12 minutes long, it will be an exclusive launch title (Whether this means exclusive at launch, or exclusive to PS3 i do not know, but thats what it is going to be announced as apparently)

E3 guy will take the stage again, specs will be on the screen

All PS4's are backwards compatable with all ps1,2 and 3 games, can upscale to 1080P and 4K resolutions

Every single game will be run at a minimum of 60FPS (Minimum meaning some games may go higher)

Every game will be native 4K (Wow, i take that one with a grain of salt till i see it confirmed)

Specs themselves will be shown, more talking will be done

Console will be shown (No info on appearance) controller has slight updates but is still pretty much the same

EA Rep comes out to talk about battlefield 4, live demo is shown playing on actual hardware (Seems they are really pushing battlfield 4)

Next is Dragon Age 3, no demo but a trailer again running on actual hardware, another launch title

Ea Rep passes it over to EA sports rep, EA UFC will be shown also a launch title

Ea Sports rep will close the EA portion of the show

Bungie will show Destiny (Wow if true)

Rockstar up next, Agent coming to PS4 (Launch title)

Sony rep back up, more talking about price point (unconfirmed)
Talks about 2 more major announcements

Konami up next, Hideo Kojima will show MGS5

S-E up next, Versus 13 launch title for PS4, also coming for PS3 same day

PS4 and launch titles coming in october

Again, take this with a grain of salt, i dont expect to be believed but im sharing what i know, if this is true sony is coming out SWINGING right outta the gate this generation
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User Info: Albert1285

4 years ago#2
Everything here sounds too damn good. Hopefully all of this is true, but I doubt it 100%.

User Info: HoIlywood

4 years ago#3
I would believe that Versus XIII is a launch title because it's been delayed so damn long

Also, if it has full BC it will be a huge success
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User Info: 00bularn00bular

4 years ago#4
Native 4k and 60 fps! Yes! Just imagine a Metal Gear Solid game!
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User Info: FiendingHard

4 years ago#5
lol at native 4k. I'd be impressed if Sony has the balls to mandate 60fps at 1080p.
What is faith then but persistent hope in the face of relentless doubt.
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User Info: gtaking5

4 years ago#7
Only things I'd believe from your obviously made up list are Agent being a launch title and the console being shown. Maybe the UFC thing but I don't care about that stupid s***.

And BF being exclusive to a console? Either Sony gave out some serious head, or handed 90% of their PlayStation division over to EA. Get real kid.
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User Info: DotsAndLines

4 years ago#9
Sounds too good to be true.
I'm just here to talk about games. Please leave me out of the drama.

User Info: USF

4 years ago#10
Sounds waaaaaaaaaaay too good to be true.
Because the door was open. Blue skies.
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