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I am not ready for next-gen - Vote Why ???

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User Info: whatnow12012

4 years ago#1
Gettiing, Need Info, Not, Vote on your choices for Gen 8 consoles - Results (121 votes)
Too Many Current Games to play
39.67% (48 votes)
Too Many upcoming Current from Tales to Remember Me
3.31% (4 votes)
need more info such as is Gen 8 an always On Device
3.31% (4 votes)
need info on the Price what is your breaking point for a no on Gen 8
3.31% (4 votes)
Still playing to many current gen games
10.74% (13 votes)
Upgrading your old consoles to Super-Slim instead
0% (0 votes)
Buying new HD Bundles (Resistance, DMC, ZOE, others, ETC.)
0.83% (1 votes)
Everyday Life making it impossible cause of the rising prices of living
9.09% (11 votes)
Dont care so you will skip altogether next-gen and will not get them
0.83% (1 votes)
Unknown altogether - We need more Info (Price, Tech, Launch others, etc.)
28.93% (35 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Me I think it is way way to early for next gen 8 consoles as many games are coming out this year alone is already like Christmas Holiday season in terms of new games from Bioshock to Tomb Raider to Remember Me to South Park or Tales of Xillia.

There are games for all players so I say why Gen 8 this year why not next year after this last year of current releases then phase out the current in 2014 and focus more on Gen 8.

Also Dragon Age 3 will be current and also end of the year unknown on WWE 14 cause it is owned by 2K games not THQ so the WWE Franchise could be on pause for awhile.

Same deal with Saints Row 4 skipping current and going directly to Next gen cause of the THQ situation.

Dragon Age 3 will remain on track & on time but also it is going to be Dual Generation game such as God Eater 2 for the PSP Vita or a Sly in Time such as it is for the PS Vita and PS3 so will it be with DA 3 being PS3/360 then PS4/720 unknown if it will be a same time deal release or not.

Also I plan on upgrading my Original Fat 160 to a Super Slim White 500 HDD also I like the white thank God no more Black as I am tired of a Black Console.

Hopefully my 3DS isnt going to be Black but my Vita will be other than the Bundles.

Still my plate is way way to full to even consdiering Gen 8 right now. Mainly I want more Info such as Is it an Always on Device meaning a DSL,WiFi or Broadband connection is required on it this would suck for those that live in DEAD-ZONE meaning they would be un-able to play the systems.

Dont care about Backwards or Banning of Used games I am keeping current systems as next gen will not be backwards to begin with and I keep my console at home so ok on the used game deal my console, my passwords and my new games.

Will use current for everything else.

User Info: fire2box

4 years ago#2
My PC is better then the consoles. simple as that.
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User Info: jammies

4 years ago#3
fire2box posted...
My PC is better then the consoles. simple as that.

So why are you here?
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User Info: Trophy_Hunter85

4 years ago#4
1 and 5 are the same answer
Expect less and you'll be more satisfied

User Info: DarkSymbiote

4 years ago#5
"Too Many Current Games to play"

I just bought a PS3 Slim. I haven't even finished a game on it yet.

jammies posted...
fire2box posted...
My PC is better then the consoles. simple as that.

So why are you here?

His/her comrades aren't exactly decent.
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User Info: zombie_basher13

4 years ago#6
If it's both always on and blocks used games...ugh worst gen ever, death of gaming easily...
Look alive, you fools.

User Info: awesomesauce13

4 years ago#7
Need more info, plus I've still got plenty of current gen games (current and upcoming) to play. Even when I do run out of PS3 games to buy, I could probably spend a year or more replaying games before I even considered getting a new console

User Info: Yggdrasille

4 years ago#8
Too many current and upcoming games to play on my PS3. I still have a backlog of 20 something games to catch on, and there are too many interesting titles coming out in the near future for this gen, while next gen won't have any worthwhile games for a few years.
Playing: DOA5 (PS3), Dragon's Dogma (PS3), Tales of Graces F, Atelier Meruru, Persona 4 Golden; Waiting for: Naruto SUNS 3, Beyond: Two Souls, Tales of Xillia

User Info: CloneTheHero

4 years ago#9
The PS3 still has plenty of life left. I'll hold off on buying the "PS4" for awhile anyway. Especially if its not backwards compatible with PS3 titles, which is almost guaranteed.

Shot in dark, but unless the "PS4" comes out for under $500 and a few good launch titles I'd get one in a heartbeat. Not gonna be the case. I'm sticking to the PS3 for another 2 years at least
Currently Playing: Tales of Graces f, Gran Turismo 5, NHL 13 / PSN - Fatal error83

User Info: KrustyBrownRing

4 years ago#10
If the lineup is anything like the first 2 years of ps3, the "next" in next gen won't be as immediate as implied.
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