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more bad DmC news... capcom lowers projections further

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User Info: mad_hax_man

4 years ago#111
Dark_Epathy posted...
Ah, well. DmC is a good game.

From the beginning, the lion's share of the hate was coming from the fact that the game might replace DMC. Take that away, and many of the haters would have been largely apathetic and unwilling to defame it so much.

It's sad that, at least to a degree, it wasn't the game's fault. It has its flaws, but all of the hate it's getting has more to do with the controversy and less to do with it as a product.

The problem is with Capcom's poor handling of the project. As over zealous as the anti's were Capcom announcing it out of nowhere (with DMC4 implieng that a DMC5 was inevidable and post release interviews saying the next game would be tailored to what fans wanted), being vague about the fate of the old series, their poor handling of other franchises and some pretty poor early trailers as really given the antis strong reasons to want to hate this game.

I kind of feel sorry for NT. They've majorly stepped up their combat and have added some really great ideas in DmC. Aside from Tameen's lack of decent PR, they did a decent job with this game, but were dragged down by Capcom's stupidity
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