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Why does Square refuse to move on from FFXIII characters?

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User Info: Soul_of_Mana

4 years ago#31
"Every year until you like it."
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User Info: nouseravailable

4 years ago#32
AndehPandy posted...
Why not bring out a new FF with NEW characters? I'm getting sick of Lightning

Because they are trying to operate the company with a Kotick formula. You can make 1 COD per year but you cant make a RPG froms scratch during that time without an insane ammount of people. The solution is selling one numbered Final Fintasy in multiple episodes and, if everything goes well, you can reuse the engine, models, locations, sketches, etc. Dont soubt that, for the good and the bad, the same will happen with XV. Ofc, that is just a guess but i think they will struggle from now on to release a final fantasy a little after march (the beginning of the fiscal year).
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User Info: The_Djoker

4 years ago#33
Need more Lightning.

Serious answer. WE need better stories and better games. Lightning is the best and sexiest Female FF character ever.

User Info: boofie

4 years ago#34
Cash cow!

User Info: atma6

4 years ago#35
I suppose the reason LR needs to happen is because XIII-2 ended with a cliff hanger. XIII-2 wasn't necessary, but a third game is. As for why they keep making games in this small series, it's because it's a lot cheaper to recycle the graphics, and it allows them to make games much faster and more profitable. There's a reason that there's a scarcity of huge JRPGs this generation, and it's because they are really expensive to make and they don't sell nearly as well as a much cheaper game.
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User Info: Kaliesto

4 years ago#36
TC....grow the hell up...damn.
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User Info: zebmarvin

4 years ago#37
DefYouth posted...
They think that XIV is what hurt the brand. It's like if they stabbed you and then shot you, then stabbed you two more times and said, "Hey, at least I'm not shooting you!"

This may be the best thing I've read all year.
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User Info: CrossRaven

4 years ago#38
The reason is a new FF game is expensive. FFXIII cost around 100 mill to make, not counting marketing and distribution. Judging by the reception FFXIII received, they can't corner cut to keep costs down(linear game/linear straight path areas). That would mean any new FF game would cost a good deal more to meet their graphical AND gameplay standards(which you could argue FFXIII only managed to meet the former and not the latter).

Reusing assets is not going to cost them a whole lot. They can then use the profits on those games to subsidize their new games. People get on Square for releasing lesser quality/lower budget games, but these games help make them money which funds their major projects. It's the sad way of things when your games cost over 100 million dollars to make.

Look at it this way. If FFXIII cost 100 mill and made less than 200 mill, they are cannibalizing their own profits to make the next FF game and having to pay the rest of the budget with money they may not have. With these lower budget games they can help pay for that. Of course, this doesn't excuse nonsense like All The Bravest...

Also, I think FFXIV being such a disaster for them really puts them in a bind. The potential to profit off that is too large for them to ignore, but redoing the game had to have taken resources from other large projects they may have been working on/planning.

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User Info: R_Champ

4 years ago#39
Spurner posted...
No, you'll get more Lightning and like it.

I have a feeling this is EXACTLY how SE feels. Well, and I think Japan really likes Lightning.

User Info: justdontask

4 years ago#40
13-2 was unnecessary, and i loved 13-1... LR13 is necessary, because 13-2 had a terrible ending by killing the main character, and showing the other main character in crystal stasis (the first game showed that anyone in crystal stasis will wake up some day)... 13-2 took just about everything they made in 13-1 and threw it out the window (Fal'cie dont exist, Orphan was not the god of Fal'cie, only the Fal'cie that kept Cocoon in the sky) l'cie don't exist either, but yet theres still magic being used, people turning to crystal by fulfilling a focus they shouldnt have, and cie'th all over the place...

and yet, people complain that 13-1 was terrible, even though it made sense, and everything fit into place in that world... however, everyone here hating on the trilogy as a whole, is still giving SE what they want... attention... you dont like the game? fine, then go away! this can be a board for criticism and discussion, but dont whine and moan "i dont like this game" where EVERYONE can see it, then ask "Y DEY MAYK MOAR OF WUT I NU LIEK!?"

and also, many people need to stop generalizing... MANY people enjoyed the games (like me) so, no, not "everyone" hated this game, and even saying "nobody" wanted this game is wrong..
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