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Giveaway: SSX, no online pass though (actually it might IDK) Come take a chance.

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User Info: badnewsliar

4 years ago#111
MourningReigns posted...
Okay, since people try to do fake giveaways, I'm going to actually do a real one.

EDIT: Here's a picture so you know it's really in my possession:

Here's the deal though, you have to be within the continental USA and around more than 6 months (so an account made after like August 2012 won't be allowed in) on Gamefaqs. That's it. I'll ship it to you and pay for it. I'll even put a tracking number on it. I'm not buying you an online pass, though.

IT MIGHT HAVE A UNUSED ONLINE PASS, I've had two copies and can't remember if this code was used or not.

Just come here, post your PSN and a random color. The color has nothing to do with it, but I want you to do it anyways.

At 10 PM eastern on February 6th 2013, I'll close this down (or if it gets to 500 that's when it ends).

I'll randomly select a post and give it to that person. I'll PM, if they don't reply in 24 hours, I'll pick someone else. I'll announce who won in a topic.

Here's the cool thing, you will most likely have a better shot at this just because of who I am. Most people won't believe it

badnewsliar - red

User Info: MourningReigns

4 years ago#112
About an hour left, so if you're going to jump in, it's now or never.
I finally won a mod dispute. Too bad it got overturned a day after my suspension ended.

User Info: DeathScythe_527

4 years ago#113
i5-3450 | HD 6870 | 4GB DDR3 | H61MGC | 1TB HDD | PSN: DANomite93
I highly recommend Katawa Shoujo, hits you right in the feels.

User Info: geno7

4 years ago#114
"You tried your best and you failed miserably. The lesson is 'never try'." -Homer Simpson

User Info: SCCAN85

4 years ago#115
i own the game but I'd like to see this go through either way haha.

Royal Blue
PSN: Canqb5
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User Info: ohmyupoorchild

4 years ago#116
This is awesome.

PSN - detoxifying

PSN: detoxifying

User Info: Baracknophobia

4 years ago#117
Hmmm, I'll play.


n. An abnormal fear of hope.

User Info: QwelzaarKane

4 years ago#118
I mangle mice in a maniacal manner

User Info: hyperskate65

4 years ago#119
14 minutes via my clock. *fingers crossed*
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User Info: makavevli

4 years ago#120


Pearl FC Max
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