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Assuming the 20th Is a PS4 Announcement; Why Do You Care?

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User Info: Seifer_us

4 years ago#1
Honest question. As far as I've seen, all we have are some spec numbers. We don't have any guarantee that games will be announced at the same time. I can already foretell all the posts of, "That was so lame," coming in a few weeks. Even if there are a few games to show, there's no indication of them being any good or not.

At the moment, we have people getting all hyped up over what is essentially a bunch of high-end PC specs. Granted, I don't care about PC gaming either, so don't take that to be a statement of, "Oh my God, you guys, PC is so much better," because that's not what I'm saying at all.

It just makes no sense and I'm legitimately curious as to what everyone is so excited about. Until there's a decent looking game for it, why do you care?
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User Info: RahzarX

4 years ago#2
This is going to be the reaction.

"Well, I'm just going to get a Wii U now."
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User Info: Universquall

4 years ago#3
Because it means it's coming out and I wont have to abandon console gaming.
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User Info: Yaboy125

4 years ago#4
because it means the end of the ps3 is that much closer.

some people don't understand sony's 10 year plan and think the ps3 will stop being supported very soon.

and other people (i'm in this group) are afraid of DRM stepping it up ANOTHER notch on the ps4, and them cracking down on gamesharing (me and my bro split everything, its awesome, save so much money)
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User Info: SDFan18

4 years ago#5
I really want to see the new interface and how everything is integrated. Can we finally private chat/listen to music across all titles/have a stream lined updating system, etc.
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User Info: ballermat982

4 years ago#6
It's not just about specs. It's also about all the new features that the console will offer, backwards compatibility?, block used games?, etc. Some game announcements would be great as well, but I have a feeling we won't get too much info. on the 20th. It'll be more of a teaser for E3.

User Info: Valkerion757

4 years ago#7
Ditto what others said. Hopefully Sony realizes this time that the rest of the world does not have god like internet like the major cities in Japan, and gives some quality connection parts this time. USA internet is way to crappy for them to go cheap again. Yes its mostly dependent on the game, but still... their is stuff they can do to soften it somewhat.
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User Info: pixel378

4 years ago#8
I care because I want to see what it will look like, what features it will have, and next gen game reveals. Why else?
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User Info: Mutsu_Kenichi

4 years ago#9
Because of this
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User Info: sinncross

4 years ago#10
who cares if they show off gmaes or not... just giving us a taste of PS4 hardware is good enough.

I honestly expect the PS Meet to spend time detailing PS3 and PSV in terms of software.
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