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C/D You hate....(relates with stoopid DLC too )

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User Info: AtheckSamehada

4 years ago#1
1. Exclusive pre order bonuses that are only available if you pre order it.

2. Day one DLC that costs money

3.On Disk DLC

4.Exclusive content for another Region or country.
Example: Japan or whoever gets exclusive content regarding a game that the US version or European version will never get. Or in another case, the USA's "exclusive content" is lackluster compared to the Japanese version.

5. Exclusive content for console games.
Example: A game on the PS3 may get some exclusive content, while the 360 version may get no exclusive content, or different exclusives in general.

6. Paying to unlock something that relates to the story mode of a game.

User Info: zyrax2301

4 years ago#2
1. Don't care

2. Don't care

3. Pisses me off

4. I usually don't know about it.

5. Feels good

6. I don't do that.
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User Info: DefYouth

4 years ago#3
C for all of them.
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User Info: jammies

4 years ago#4
Deny. I'll reserve my hate for things that matter in life.
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User Info: _tanjil_

4 years ago#5
I hope people realize that #2 and #3 are the same thing. Whether the DLC is on disk or not, if it's available as day 1 DLC, you know it could have been put on disk. It's just companies know people use the argument if it's on the disk I own it, so they remove it, and somehow that makes people happy =S

If anything on disk is better than day 1 DLC, at least if it's on disk I save my bandwidth. Also if any of you aren't aware, many companies who sale you DLC 4-6 months down the line, actually have the DLC made the same time the game is being made. They just hold onto the content, because they know people will ind it on disk.

No it's not a conspiracy theory, anyone who works as a videogame QA tester knows this fact.

User Info: Brocken_Jr

4 years ago#6
hate every single one of them, i feel like i get screwed over by #4, binary domain has character dlc but only in japan and its free, anarchy reigns has jacks gold chainsaw dlc in jpn only. #1 is a pile of s***, lollipop chainsaw costumes arent on psn, and they all pretty much arent good except for the ash one, but leavin it out for others to buy after a while is stupid (i dont have lollipop chainsaw tho)
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User Info: silly_sausage

4 years ago#7
Confirm for 1, 4 and 5. Forget on-disc and day one, exclusive DLC is the single worst kind in my opinion. At least with day one, everyone can purchase the content.
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User Info: mk_spirit

4 years ago#8
I don't mind pre order DLC. It's a good way to have incentive to buy it new, considering most pre order DLC is fairly small that doesn't affect a whole lot. I would prefer for them to have incentives like that to buy new, than online passes.
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User Info: Virus66

4 years ago#9
1. Don't care. Just more incentive to buy new instead of used.

2. Depends on the DLC. Like Asura's Wrath Final Chapter DLC? Eff that. Just some skins or crappy weapons, then fine.

3. No excuse for this at all. If it's on the disc, you shouldn't have to pay for it again.

4. SE and their stupid "International Editions" are horrible ideas. If you can't release the same version of the game to everyone, you shouldn't release it at all.

5. Same thing as above.

6. See #2.
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User Info: theshoveller

4 years ago#10
1. I only really hate it when they do multiple exclusive preorder goodies that don't eventually make their way to buyable by everyone at some point. Otherwise... well, it's a preorder incentive. An example of this would be... say, costumes for Lollipop Chainsaw. Make each preorder location be a buck or two each per pack.

2. Not a big deal for the most part.

3. Kinda sucks, but it depends on what it is. If it's "buy this gun pack that gives you an immediate slight boost in some power but is otherwise cosmetic only after a very short while" stuff - think of the suit and stuff they had for Dead Space 2 - then I'm fine with it. It's optional, and it's clearly just a "fluff" item.

4. Not really, I hate it more when they get exclusive games that could have been really cool instead.

5. Again, no real hatred towards that. I thought it was cool that the PS3 version of Darkness 1 had a ton of high-quality videos that played - for a long time - on the TVs in the game. Otherwise, I think it only sucks when it's done like Genesis for ME2 - PS3 got it as part of the online pass, but everyone else (i.e. 360 and PC users) had to buy it separate later on. I really think that should have been granted to any online pass owner.

6. Is it optional? Then I don't hate it. Is it mandatory? Then why are they making you pay for it? That said, I only see the "mandatory" argument for games people play competitively online against each other when it comes to map packs and stuff. Otherwise, it's all optional crap.
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