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DmC sales plummeted during the 2nd week in the U.S.

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  3. DmC sales plummeted during the 2nd week in the U.S.

User Info: Junpei_Stupei

4 years ago#1
As if it wasn't low enough...

PS3 - 28,859
360 - 25,470

It decreased over 80% from the last week's sales. Got legs? Lol... The game has none.

Reliable Source:

I think I bought the wrong console this gen.

User Info: reyray0709

4 years ago#2
Lol VGChartz.
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User Info: Dark__Throne

4 years ago#3
Shouldn't have messed with the original Dante.

User Info: Ghetto_ninja

4 years ago#4
Vgchartz may not be 100% accurate but it's a choose approximation
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User Info: Shankis

4 years ago#5
I eat stickers all the time, dude.

User Info: Evil_Gogeta

4 years ago#6
Junpei wont post again.
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User Info: Iamthekuzalol

4 years ago#7
Not saying that VGchartz is reliable or anything, but i don't think that numbers is that far off. Capcom did acknowledge that the game is selling poorly afterall.

User Info: jabboon

4 years ago#8
Always nice to watch a sell-out company crash and burn

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User Info: zerooo0

4 years ago#9
The fact TC is trolling the game this hard, is really pathetic.
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User Info: fedor-machine

4 years ago#10
i am sad it sold more than NG3 a versions combine os PS3, X360, and Wii U.
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  3. DmC sales plummeted during the 2nd week in the U.S.

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