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How big is your gaming backlog - games you own and plan to play, but haven't got

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User Info: lanif

4 years ago#11
i have 150+ games to finish

some are still sealed some ive played a few times some ive never played

i have over 450 games
Thalia, Guardian of Thraben sometimes she hits me first!!!!
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User Info: lanif

4 years ago#13
pic is funny my games are on a shelf but like that yeah
Thalia, Guardian of Thraben sometimes she hits me first!!!!

User Info: 817Cowboys87

4 years ago#14
With Steam, humble bundles, and now Amazon offering dirt cheap bundles it is VERY easy to have a huge backlog. In my steam account alone i have over 250 games and i have only been PC gaming for about 6 months. I have only played around 50 or so i would guess. I have only completed probably around 10. But now im set for games for a long long time.

User Info: RollingCradle

4 years ago#15
I don't consider my unplayed games to be a backlog, it's just junk laying around. Anything I consider worthy of playing, I play.

User Info: HerPanda

4 years ago#16
It isn't that hard to get a backlog of over 100. Those are all probably PC gamers who take advantage of bundles and sales. Heck, if you simply followed Humble Bundle every 3 months or so you could amass a HUGE backlog for pennies.

Lets not get started on PS2 games...or rare old games that you have to buy when you see it, otherwise you might not play it ever. Yard sales, backlogging Atlus games because you won't be able to find it later, etc.

User Info: ChaoticKnuckles

4 years ago#17
moniewitch posted...
gotten around to yet. This is about the poll of the day.

Anyone know anyone that really has not played 100 of their own games yet? Over 100 - I think I may have a problem %7.55 percent said this. Is this true?

I'm one of the ones that has 1-5 games I own that have not played yet. How about everyone else?

I don't see how 1796 people have not played 100 games yet that they own.

Anyone? Thanks

A backlog is just games that you own but haven't played? I thought I thought it was games that you own but haven't beaten. If it's just games that you own but haven't played then my backlog is 1. But I have a ton that I haven't beaten yet.
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User Info: Terotrous

4 years ago#18
Pfft, 100 is nothing. There are people on this site whose backlogs are way over 1000: - Watch me beat "GBA Summon Night Swordcraft Story" - My backloggery

User Info: Lapanui

4 years ago#19
I have 3 that are unplayed, one is a PS3 games and the other two are SNES games.

8 PS3 games aren't finished yet.
I've completed 13 Xbox 360 games, by this I mean I've gotten all of the achievements. 34 I have beaten, mainly campaign and maybe a few extra crap, but they still need all of the achievements collected. 45 are unfinished in my eyes even though campaign has been finished once, I tend to go through campaign a few times before I know it's been beaten.

I have 4 beaten PC games and 5 unfinished.

I still have a list of games I want to get. I have like 49 Xbox 360 games, 26 PS3 games, 27 PSP games and 3 PS Vita games. This doesn't include games that aren't released yet. I also don't have a PS Vita yet lol.

I just don't get around to finishing a game before something else is being released. I know I should finish that game first before spending £35 to £40 on a new game. I could of waited till it drops in price, but I have a problem...

I see some people on my friends list finish a game within a week and move onto the next game, I don't understand how they do it. They must play 12+ hours a day or they follow a guide and figure out a way to get it all done in a minimum amount of playthroughs as possible.
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User Info: OrangeSchweese

4 years ago#20
My gaming backlog is a registered weapon.
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