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Online RPG?

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Any good RPGs where I can interact with other players.... haven't played the souls games but I hear it has some sort of online component. Recommendations please.

Tried DCU didn't like it. I'm looking for more of a swords and sorcery type game.
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weskers errand boy 4 years ago#2
Sigh I guess I have to try Final Fantasy XI finally. Good thing I got a 60 gb.
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User Info: theshoveller

4 years ago#3
weskers errand boy posted...
Tried DCU didn't like it. I'm looking for more of a swords and sorcery type game.

My suggestions:

-White Knight Chronicles 1 / 2. Offline, it has a single-player story. Online, you control your custom-made avatar and party with other people. Kind of grind heavy, but still - not too shabby. Only downside is that lobbies are "player towns," and the towns have only so many rooms per town, all of which can hold 16 players max. The key is finding a "hot spot town" and playing there when you're online.

-Try to get into the beta for Final Fantasy 14. Best-case scenario, you like it and wind up buying it. Worst-case scenario, you don't like it and got to try it for free if you get in the beta test. Actual MMORPG with swords and sorcery setting on PS3 and PC.

-The Souls games, as you mentioned, though they mainly consist of other people invading your world, you invading theirs, and you helping and being helped by other people - but mostly small-scale interactions. One-on-one, or two-on-two, that sort of thing. And I don't think you can communicate with each other when playing, though I'm not positive - didn't play it much myself.

Can't really think of any other online high-fantasy games that might be more of what you want. Consoles and MMOs don't typically mesh well, with a few exceptions.
weskers errand boy 4 years ago#4
Just applied to the FFXIV beta test for PS3, thanks for the idea.
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