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Who is considering "giving up" on gaming after this current generation?

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User Info: Pie_FOREVER

4 years ago#61
secondhand1 posted...
Pie_FOREVER posted...

The problem is the bigger picture which is the business model of gaming. The "micro transaction", endless add on nonsense that would have otherwise been part of the entire experience. With the advent of storage capacity and different ways to deliver goods came the nickel and diming peddling by companies seeking to expand their quarterly profits at the gamer's expense.

That's my biggest issue. What gaming does to not actually meet my needs is give me incentive to invest time into new games that provide no real entertainment or value, just half assed and poorly realized worlds that expect you to pay more to experience "fully" after you've already shelled 60 dollars out for the privilege of playing it.

I think your biggest issue is not really thinking logically. Just because something on its face may seem personally disagreeable, doesn't really mean it is. Until you know the details, any commentary on the subject is incredibly shortsighted and often regresses into irrational defenses.

Don't like DLC or microtransactions? Awesome. That doesn't mean that those things are born of greed or ego. It isn't necessary, nor does it detract from the core of the game; it's add-on content. You don't know the circumstances under which it may have been produced, so when you paint this picture of an industry in peril and blind gamers perpetuating it by buying content that interests them, it comes off as very disingenuous.

While it's unfortunate that you believe you've lost the love of your hobby, it isn't due to the doom and gloom that you prophesy here.

These kinds of posts are funny to me, most of the responses I've received have completely ignored other points I made regarding the very thing you're responding to, which you've completely overlooked and, ironically, painted a broad picture of how I view things.

For some reason people have first of all believed when I made this thread, that I meant "give up" gaming altogether, which isn't true. I've stated this numerous times and it was alluded to in the OP. It was solely in regards to the coming generation, and rather, sticking with the past and what we already have.

Secondly, yes, DLC has primarily been created out of greed. I know very intimately the details or circumstances under which the majority of DLC is produced nowadays. Because when a developer or publisher is proposing a concept/sequel/new IP, part of the pitch to whoever is being approached to fund it is the long term business strategy for the game and potential franchise, ala DLC and add on content.

This is a fact, it is a common business practice that is now a mainstay in the industry, especially with major franchises that have established userbases and need to increase their year-after-year profit with the next impending annual release. Yes, not all DLC is created out of this, but the majority of it is, which therefore makes my point stand. It is a dirty business tactic to nickel and dime the consumer.

I've heard the excuse "WELL IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT THEN NO ONES FORCING YOU TO BUY IT" more times than I care to recount. That statement misses the point entirely. It's that it shouldn't exist, it SHOULDN'T be a practice because it is a fallacy from the get-go. It is unnecessary and only exists as a way to profit from the consumer after they've already shelled out $60 for a new title.

In fact, the stance like the one I mocked above makes the very point of people's insecurity toward this issue. It's as if that statement I mocked is somehow supposed to justify the practice, as in not make the people who bought DLC feel ripped off about it. Yes, not all DLC is worthless, but the majority is, in fact, a money scheme intended to exploit the consumer to the widest degree possible.

User Info: agrissa

4 years ago#62
Evel138 posted...
I just have a hard time believing that any "gamer" that is so involved in the activity of gaming that they're on message boards such as GameFAQs......even despite any complaint they going to simply "give up on gaming".

I don't really play games anymore. Which is precisely why I hang around here so often. If I had a game I enjoy I'd be playing that instead of hanging around GameFAQs.
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User Info: Shadowbird_RH

4 years ago#63
Nah. Even if mainstream gaming is diseased and bedridden, and some developers are following their example, there are others that are still making good games.
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User Info: Gunzleader

4 years ago#64
wanted to get a ps4 for everquest next.. but everytime i get an mmo its the same god dam thing.. the women end up being a depressed emo *****. or a psychopath freak. or in to weird freaky stuff im not going in to. the male friends i make same dam thing. emo depressed jackass or psychopath freak. or a dam teenager who talks about weed and drive by rival gang members thinking hes a hard ass gansta. or some jealous husband/bf kiss my ass your wife/gf aint gonna cheat on you with me. also hos wanting one night stands with every guy she likes in guild. **** that ****. no telling which guy in guild could have gave you something nasty. mmos aint worth it. there all freak shows. don't ask me about the weird asses i know on dc universe. point is next gen a no ty from me.
im not a troll sorry if i offend you in anyway. RIP Everquest Online Adventures 2003-2012

User Info: xxSkyShadowxx

4 years ago#65
Less innovation this time around...over generalization of every genre to reach a broader audience. Absolutely ridiculous stunts being pulled by developers and publishers to rip off the consumer (Day 1 DLC, buy DLC to get the ending, games that have no ending...just a few examples). Developers are no longer in it because they love games, because in many instances they are working under the shadow of a looming axe, since game publishers know nothing about games and they are gobbling up and then destroying all of the devlopers out there. The complete alienation of gamers as a whole by developers, publishers and gaming journalists...

...what's not to love? Sign me up for the next gen!!

While there are some exceptions to what I illustrated above, overall there is a widening disconnect between the people that buy/play the games and the people that develop/publish them. The result is a few gems that I enjoy playing awash in a sea of crap I have no interest in playing. Luckily I have a board game hobby to keep me entertained if I stop bothering with videogames. My attitude right now is wait a few years after the new consoles come out, and if more than 10 games interest me, and the price has dropped significantly, I'll grab a console.

I dunno that I would quit videogaming entirely with the next gen releases tho'. Steam sales are too good to pass up. :D

User Info: secondhand1

4 years ago#66
Pie_FOREVER posted...
Secondly, yes, DLC has primarily been created out of greed. I know very intimately the details or circumstances under which the majority of DLC is produced nowadays. Because when a developer or publisher is proposing a concept/sequel/new IP, part of the pitch to whoever is being approached to fund it is the long term business strategy for the game and potential franchise, ala DLC and add on content.

No you don't. Not unless you've developed games or otherwise been privy to the business side of this industry. Which I'm going to go ahead and guess you haven't.
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User Info: deathsaber79

4 years ago#67
Clausudo posted...
Yea, I did give up on Wii U. Terrible console!

Based on what?

Yeah, were currently sitting in a semi holding pattern waiting for the post launch batch of quality games to come, but thats every launch console thats ever existed.

Of all console makers, Nintendo is probably the least prone to giving into the conventions that tend to bother people these days- They still deliver complete & well polished games with very minimal bugs, no hidden microtransactions within games to unlock key content, no DLC to extend the story, or get a true ending, no talk whatsoever of used game blocking, no annoying DLC preorder incentives that differ from retailer to retailer, or any other Day one DLC.

That said, truthfully, I'm less disillusioned with games themselves, I think I'm having just as much fun as I've always had, but I do have a lot of disdain for much of the community which is probably the biggest thing that can drain my enthusiasm. What a bunch of miserable, whining, self entitled tossers a lot of you are, that don't even know how good they have it.

Its the proliferation of the internet and the anonymity it provides that has made the gaming community into the cesspool it has become. Even worse now that the younger generation has never even known a time where we were not glued to the internet and cell phones 24/7. Now everybodies favorite pasttime is to hit the internet and complain about every last thing they fleel slighted by.

User Info: killak

4 years ago#68
I'm on the fence.

I have more than enough systems and games to fully satisfy me, and i'd like to step through to the next generation...... but while i'm active in a current generation, i'm active in a current gaming generation community.

Problem is, it's filled with people who do nothing but bring discussions down and it poisons thoughts and opinions.

And for that, i'm considering not purchasing a new game or system, past the Wii/360/PS3 gen.
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User Info: BahamutBBob

4 years ago#69
Poll doesn't have my situation.

I have a gaming PC that is pretty powerful. It'll be fairly easy for me to keep it acceptable at this point. If console gaming goes down the tube, I can always focus more on my PC gaming.
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User Info: DemonicDraco

4 years ago#70
I can't vote since every answer seems to imply that this gen is horrible. I've been gaming since i was 2, am now 32, and if i live long enough I'll still be gaming at 92.
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