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Which is the best version of FFVI (FFIII for the SNES)?

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User Info: Tiael

4 years ago#11
GBA version, which I find the sound issue remedied by headphones.
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User Info: Aalvi

4 years ago#12
How people that play turn-based are so impatient for load times is beyond me
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User Info: Nicodimus

4 years ago#13
The SNES version.
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User Info: mad_hax_man

4 years ago#14
Fishnkill4 posted...
The GBA has more content than the PS1 version, but it doesn't have the FMVs from the PS1 and you're playing on a smaller screen. For that reason, I'd go with the PS1 version. It contains the FMVs + you get to play on a bigger screen. And the load times for the PS1 version aren't as bad as people make them to be.

PSN vs PS1 disc is a matter of preference. Both software are identical, but if you're like me and you like having a physical copy of the game, you should get the PS1 disc.

The FMV's suck
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User Info: djruden

4 years ago#15
My fave is the classic SNES version.

User Info: The_Bones

4 years ago#16
Its definitely between the SNES and GBA versions. The GBA version has a bit more content but also supposedly isn't as clear audio wise and you would be playing on a smaller screen unless you have the GBA player for GC.

User Info: cloudrivera

4 years ago#17
Is the extra content worth it? Because I'm seriously thinking about playing it on PS3 rather than getting an emulator.
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User Info: nouseravailable

4 years ago#18
FFIII is the one i enjoyed most. The psone version is awesome too. I havent played the psn or gba versions.
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User Info: castrejon04

4 years ago#19
SNES Version, superior sound, speed, and best controller to play it on.
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User Info: don_juan_darko

4 years ago#20
I would assume the SNES version in whatever language you're able to read.
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