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You are now in a fistfight with the last person you played as

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User Info: LazyAssNinja

4 years ago#481
Raiden, MGR: Revengeance. I'm pretty sure I'm screwed.
"Evil doesn't worry about not being good." - The Grey Warden

User Info: Icy_the_penguin

4 years ago#482
Batman. If the fists don't get me, some random gadget will.

User Info: zespair

4 years ago#483
Great now im going to jail for hitting a child (Ni no kuni's Oliver)

User Info: NineSkiys

4 years ago#484
DmC Dante

Considering he can casually drop kick and punch demons much larger than he is and send them flying, I'm utterly screwed.
It's not the great who are strong, It's the strong who are great!

User Info: SpyGuy239

4 years ago#485
Supreme Commander Command Robot.


User Info: TomoEK9

4 years ago#486
Isaac Clarke

Engineer Vs. Engineer.

This is going to be interesting.

User Info: Haka_Yoshi

4 years ago#487
The Heavy from TF2. Great. least I'll go out laughing if the equipment he had carries over...
PSN: a_mooing_dragon / Xbox Live: A mooing dragon
Official Claw of the Dark Souls Board

User Info: 1618dude

4 years ago#488
oh yes, geralt of rivia, but that I was playing on pc, but for ps3, the robed dude from journey. I don't think he (she? it?) even have arms. Not much of a fistfight I guess.

User Info: gambit444

4 years ago#489
I'm sure i can take out a 16 year old girl. Alice from Madness Returns doesn't stand a chance. not in the real world at least.
Show me a hero and I will write you a tragedy.
-F. Scott Fitzgerald

User Info: nazacuckoo

4 years ago#490
A team of worms with some weapons that barely make a dent in the dirt.


I win.
If there is one thing I have learned from years of watching cartoons as a kid, its that you don't F*** with Shamans >:D
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  3. You are now in a fistfight with the last person you played as

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