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Whats the deal with trophies

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User Info: mistermikeymike

4 years ago#1
Serious, i never understood why people went out of their way to collect some of the stupidest trophies. Like some trophies are based plain on luck, are completely pointless or no challenge to get.

Seriously, let's say you had a trophy where you had to get the top prize in a game of slots. that's pretty f***ing stupid.

Or how bout in a game like skyrim where you get a trophy for donating to a beggar. Pointless....

I miss the days when you didnt need to show off to everyone how you're such a pr0 gAmeR.

Well rather, I hate how half the trophies are for pointless crap. The only trophies that should matter are ones for
-Beating the game
-Beating optional superbosses
-Beating tough content

Trophies should be based on achievement, not going out of your way to donate a gold coin to a beggar. Those aren't achievements, those are chores.

Im sorry if this thread has been done before.
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User Info: hockeybub89

4 years ago#2
Ok. Bears Beets Battlestar Galactica

User Info: Hillbilly_Smurf

4 years ago#3
Yo dude bro you're like 4 years too late to be mad bro. Yolo swag 420 killa playa hustla snipa balla fo shnizzle.
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User Info: ORANGE666

4 years ago#4
Hillbilly_Smurf posted...
Yo dude bro you're like 4 years too late to be mad bro. Yolo swag 420 killa playa hustla snipa balla fo shnizzle.

His account is 3 years old. Then he just buy a PS3 and just found about Trophies? Or did he play for trophies but one day his friend had like double his trophy level, hurting TC's Epeen then TC cried out against trophies and toss his controller like a baby?

User Info: ninjakraken

4 years ago#5
Don't like them, don't get them, I don't know why people create topics about their dislike for trophies when the simplest solution is just to not obtain them. People like to get them for a variety of reasons, sure there are braggarts, but you'll find the majority of people like getting them for fun. Are you against people having fun? How does it affect your fun?
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User Info: MudbuttSanchez

4 years ago#6
It's really boring to me. I don't see the appeal in collecting trophies.

User Info: fallenswords

4 years ago#7
there is an achievement for giving gold to a beggar in Skyrim?
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User Info: toadieman

4 years ago#8
What's the deal with airline food?
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User Info: nihilist212

4 years ago#9
I will go after certain trophies if I think it's a fun aspect of the game. And if it's something as simple as do this one thing then why the hell not? What I don't understand is why trophies bother people so much. People in the gaming community can seriously be a bunch of pathetic, whiny, cry babies about some things. Jeez, get over yourself TC.
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User Info: Stanger5150

4 years ago#10
What's stupid to you isn't always stupid to others.

That's the only correct answer you'll get.
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