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User Info: XFactor1

4 years ago#11
Sony does not invite the media to staged events unless it is a console announcement.

Michael Pachter already confirmed this. The meeting was in New York City announcing the Feb 20th press conference.


User Info: abnergoinbig

4 years ago#12
LORD_LMAO posted...
i just talked to my gs rep....he said no ps4. just orange slims.

he is a nice person and is not a liar at all. he used to date my sister before she cheated on him. i have no reason to doubt him, he was the one that told me the release dates of the ps3, psp, and vita correctly.

Sounds legit.

User Info: BokuxPico

4 years ago#13
Gamestop employees are idiots. I wouldn't trust them.

User Info: djwagon

4 years ago#14
abnergoinbig posted...
Before I start this I would like to mention that my local Gamestop is one of those cool Gamestop's with some of the coolest employees that are gamers just like us with the exception of like two dudes.

I went to Gamestop earlier today, and as I was talking with one of the managers, I asked him if he heard about the PS4 being announced on the 20th. He said that a Sony rep came in yesterday telling them that they will soon be selling red, platinum, blue, and some sort of orange PS3's. (the super slim models) Supposedly the rep also said that they're not supposed to say anything, but the PS4 will be announced on the 20th. It seems legit since I've heard on multiple occasions of reps coming to the store and giving some info others should not know about that turn out true. He could have just been speaking out his a**, but he's not that kind of dude.

Have any of you guys (that work at Gamestop) heard of any kind of news like this from a rep?

lol he was telling you that so you will put money down on it .i have a great standing with my import supplier and THEY have not phoned me or email me with any info about this being true.the sony reps ONLY knew about what corp of sony in america tells them. .if you want REAL info ask play-asia or NCSX.they will not lie to get your business LIKE GS DOES
when I was here before I went by the screen name IMPORTER1..

User Info: Ochd12

4 years ago#15
abnergoinbig posted...
Sounds legit.

So you see the problem...

User Info: blankempathy

4 years ago#16
Gamestops across the country don't even know when they're getting in games like fire emblem. They're hardly a reliable source of information.
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