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Vanquish ( everyone read )

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User Info: ManuKesna

4 years ago#21
I playrd it when it was released and thought it was ok
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User Info: DemiFist

4 years ago#22
Its an 'Ok' game.
I was tired of it before I finished my first playthrough, after I finished it I shelved it for more appealing games.
I wouldn't say no to a sequel, I just really wouldn't care if it never happens either.
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User Info: velvet_hammer

4 years ago#23
PHEEliNUX posted...
I have it downloaded, But never got to played it, I dislike(but not hate) any shooter that is not bullet hell

This game could be considered bullet hell.. Trust me start on hard, bullets, missiles, rockets are flying around non stop for 8 hours..
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User Info: Sophistication

4 years ago#24
Loved it -- I hold it as one of the only true great games made this generation... Disturbingly underrated.
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User Info: FiendingHard

4 years ago#25
PHEEliNUX posted...
I have it downloaded, But never got to played it, I dislike(but not hate) any shooter that is not bullet hell

Vanquish essentially is bullet hell. (admire dem bullets in slow-mo when time is slowed down)
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User Info: Raeng

4 years ago#26
Love the game. It's probably my favorite this generation (depending on how well MGR:R blows me away).
Love the depth, the action packed content, the challenge maps, the final boss, the artstyle, the weapons, everything.

What I like most though is something personal. Every game I play has this area that I just hate. It's Space Pirate Mining thing in Metroid Prime, the Island in RE4, World 3-2 in Demon's Souls, etc. Everytime I play the game I just go "uuuughhh, not this part". Vanquish doesn't have that. I love it from start to freak'n finish.
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User Info: TorgoForever

4 years ago#27
VANQUISH amazes me with just how much it can fit on screen at once. I brought it up earlier after reading the Top 10 Games with Developer Cameos (was that the name?) List. Also, DISCO RUSSIANS.

User Info: TheCyborgNinja

4 years ago#28
One of the better sub-$20 games available right now. I bought it launch for $60, but I'm just saying...
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User Info: Play_Hangman

4 years ago#29
amazing presentation, game is gorgeous and the world is vibrant

story is very funny

you can do some cool stuff with the mechanics but the situations you're placed in aren't always exciting

it should be harder, it should be more intense, there should be less checkpoints, less emphasis on slo-mo, less cover, enemies should be smarter, enemies should knock you out of cover better, you should fight more romanovs, less hit-scan enemies, it should be shorter, the pacing should be faster, more emphasis on dodging over hiding, etc.

above average game that could benefit from a sequel, it needs to "trim the fat", so typical platinum game
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User Info: Ziggletooth

4 years ago#30
everyone read? No will not read that...

...wait a minute...


you win this round OP
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