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Vanquish ( everyone read )

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User Info: true_gamer80

4 years ago#31
Its a great game for all the reasons already said but my fav ting about it is its challenge, one of my fav things about a game is being challenged, vanqush on its hardest diff is one of the few games that provides this, its in a small group of games that require alot of actual skill and understanding of its mechanics to truley be good at it
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User Info: Play_Hangman

4 years ago#32
i thought the game could have stood to be harder, or at least shorter

challenge 6 and GH 5-3 are real tough but the rest of the game? i dunno, i would liked it more if it provided the same difficulty as these 2 sections
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User Info: craelon

4 years ago#33
Vanquish is indeed a masterpiece. However, I don't think it's a game for everyone. It can still be a masterpiece without everyone having to enjoy it. I do think that everyone should at least experience it so they can witness a true gaming masterpiece, but I wouldn't condemn them if they didn't like it. Just like how I've heard some people say the Mona Lisa is boring and uninspiring, I wouldn't hate them for believing that. I would only look at them funny...
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