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I don't think Sony or MS plan to support used games.

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User Info: JohnHitman47

4 years ago#11
I don't have a problem if sony & ms block used games, i been dealing with that on pc my entire life.
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User Info: Shineboxer

4 years ago#12
Just give us a product key and let's be done with this.

The rest can leave or stay behind and rot.
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User Info: bob15x

4 years ago#13
ztype85 posted...
bob15x posted...
UncleGrubby posted...
Face it, this is what the publishers want. People say if one system locks out used games and the other doesn't then the latter system wins. But have you consisted that Devs would rather make games for the system that locks them out? And more games means more systems sold. It's not like online passes and always-online DRM isn't becoming more prevalent than ever. Used game lockout is the universal solution and benefits everyone but the consumer.

Only Wii-U will support used games through the next generation. REALITY.

problem is, if the publishers got together and talked to MS and Sony about doing this, then there maybe a lawsuit against them. What they did was illegal. And my guess is gamestop will go after them.

Illegal? Have you ever played a game on PC? This sort of stuff has been going on for 20+ years.

do you know what collusion is? It is illegal. If it is found that the publishers approached MS and sony and they all agreed to do this, that is illegal. it is not the blocking used game in itself, it is the combined decision to block used games. that is illegal.

User Info: RoyTheMadBoy

4 years ago#14
If Sony allows pre-owned games to be used on the PS4, it would give them a great advantage over the next Xbox. I think people would see this as a good selling point.
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