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Why does DmC get so much hate?

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User Info: Xechs

4 years ago#41
Because we are Americans, only Pal gamers seem to like Ninja Theory games. Ranka-Macross Frontier

User Info: TelekiNoctis

4 years ago#42
From: BlueBombei2 | #035
atma6 posted...
BlueBombei2 posted...
Not out of nowhere. I was trying to explain how you can play a game where you can't stand the dialogue and still enjoy it. I even bought the Characters pack for DmC because I really enjoy playing through it to get a higher score than my friends. That being said (and here is the point) I mute the game because the interactions between the characters make me cringe.

Yes that was what you were doing. It just wasn't relevant to his point.

Yes it was. You can't compare a movie and a video game. I really don't know how else to make it more clear...
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