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If Sony and Microsoft both block used games next gen what will you do?

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User Info: GoatJugSoup

4 years ago#141
I will buy a ps4 anyway.

If they were actually to do something as stupid as eliminate used game sales here is what I think would happen:

*The amount of money being pumped into the gaming industry would decrease by up to 40%. This wouldn't necessarily be because of people boycotting, I don't see many people actually doing that. It would be because about 40% (at least in 2011, it may be slightly different now) of the money that gets spent on new games comes from people who trade in older games to get newer ones.

*Retail stores would have to be more expensive to make up for the profit lost from used games (or risk going out of business). This in turn would make the average consumer less able to purchase new games.

*From there Sony and MS would either have to rectify the used game block or watch as they lost a lot of money (I doubt MS would go out of business but if that happened Sony might)
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User Info: Mystery_Cooper

4 years ago#142
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User Info: Perfect Light

Perfect Light
4 years ago#143
I will switch to PC gaming. They can't buy used, either, but they get crazy Steam sales. Then again, I highly doubt any of these rumors are true. - New gaming series
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User Info: Umitencho

4 years ago#144
Switch to PC gaming and main a WiiU.

User Info: Butthead24

4 years ago#145
If such a thing ever happened I would go out of my way to pirate them.

User Info: YoungGganon

4 years ago#146
I would definitely have a reason to switch to PC gaming. I don't have the money the be paying for full price games all the time. Plus, after a year, how would you even get the game? That just sounds soooooooooooo inconvenient. Most games would have to be downloadable, which when not on a PC is disturbing.
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User Info: Zendaik

4 years ago#147
Huh, I didn't expect so many people to vote and have all the answers be rather diverse.

I choose "Only buy new games, but when I can find them cheap" for PS4 and also "Get a Wii-U"
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User Info: Zack_Attackv1

4 years ago#148
Oh, I don't know. Prolly buy a used ps2 and download games of psn.
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User Info: TutsMyBaree

4 years ago#149
This was just like the PSP UMD. Backwards compatibility my...

User Info: Ness0123456789

4 years ago#150
I stopped buying used games this generation several years ago, when I learned that the game developers and publishers get none of the return from the sale of a used games, so this change doesn't bother me in the slightest.
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