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If Sony and Microsoft both block used games next gen what will you do?

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User Info: guineathewop

4 years ago#151
This topic pretty much proves what everybody already knows: most of the inhabitants of Gamefaqs are morons.

"Doesn't affect me I only by new!" So you never use a game that's been in another console at all? Never borrowed one from a friend even? Haha. What am I saying, like you have friends.

"Used games don't save you any money anyway" Yep, Gamestop is the the only place on the planet where you can get a used game. Never mind Ebay or from actual other human beings you could be in contact with who will sell you a game for 5 bucks cause they don't want it anymore. Hell they might even give it to you

"Good Gamestop is SATAN!" See above.

Could we please stop with the corporate ****riding? It used to just be tiring but now it's becoming very harmful and is completely destroying the industry.

User Info: DarkImpact2021

4 years ago#152
I'll become the very thing I hate. I'll still invest in the new Xbox and Playstation, but I will refuse to buy most of the games I would normally buy used. I will invest only in sequels of titles that I'm familiar with. I will give in to the repetitive sequel syndrome and I will aid in furthering the death of the videogame industry due to lack of creativity and innovation because paying full price for most games simply isn't worth the risk. I will stick with Uncharted, Halo, Metal Gear Solid, Elder Scrolls, and Mass Effect. If the rumors do hold true, I do believe I will be giving up most of my gaming lifestyle for a new hobby. It would be very limited with only a handful of series rather than than 40-50 new games I play every year.

The ONLY companies I trust 100% with a new IP is Quantic and Bungie. Bungie I've supported since the company was born and Quantic I simply trust because David Cage knows what the industry needs. Hell, the only reason I even trust David is because I bought Indigo Prophecy used and picked up Heavy Rain after it was down to $40. They instilled enough faith in me to pre-order Beyond and I'm even keeping my eyes open for the new PS4 game they're supposed to be working on.

Plus I've got my Wii-U already, so with the new Mario and Zelda coming (and I hope to god we get a new Star Fox this generation) I'm definitely hoping the Wii U can keep my entertained.

User Info: Eureka_Seven_RL

4 years ago#153
Javelin_Chimera posted...
DanteSInferno84 posted...
pariah23 posted...
gjc2007 posted...
From: pariah23 | #452
I would have no issue with blocking used game sales--which I believe is worse than piracy

I'm sorry.....but no.

There are opinions, and then there is just plain being wrong.

A pirate was most likely never going to pay for the game at all no matter what.

A used game buyer decided to buy the game but then went ahead and gave full price -$5 to the parasites (Gamestop) instead.

Only in the second case is an actual sale lost to the people who made the game.

The main flaw in your logic is the inherent thought that the physical item after being bought once at full price, still belongs to the people who made the game. As the law sits, once the initial sale has gone through (I.E., has been bought legally at full price once), the physical item is no longer the property of the selling party. The people who made the game, made their sale. This whole move is just a strange knee jerk reaction to down profits and the realization that used games were selling better.

This move will still result in what you view as "a lost sale". You call Gamestop and places like them a parasite, yet you seem to lack an understanding of how a game is sold. Very few companies sell direct to the public. Wal-mart and other places that sell the games new, arent just holding the items and at the end of the day, give the profits to the publishers. No, they themselves purchase the games (at a flat rate) sell for a slight mark up (gotta make their profits too) and in turn, sell to us. So long before the game is even purchased "new", it has already been paid for, and the makers have gotten their money. So, parasite is far from an accurate term, scavenger fitting more as they profit off the scraps of the sale.

Bottom line, if Nintendo has no issue with used sales, no one should. They made the home console market what it is today and are at least the ones with the spine to tell developers "Its how it is, find ways to make a new purchase more tempting, not forcing it on people".

Its like selling a car. You cant turn around and feel butthurt when your realize your initial sale doesn't even add up to the amount made by the car being sold and resold several times after the first time. Its life.

You just totally posted what I've never cared enough to type out myself. Greatest post on GameFAQs.

That and this.
PSN: crow-sama

User Info: MisterNoGood

4 years ago#154
It doesn't matter to me. I am done with the newer consoles anyway. I don't like the direction they are going in with the DLC, constant updates and patches, installing games, online gaming and less emphasis on single player games, gimmicks like motion control, 3D, duel screens, touch screens etc. It baffles me that anyone puts up with this nonsense in console gaming.

I started buying all the consoles that I missed out on back in the day, such as the SNES, N64, GameCube, Saturn, Dreamcast, and Xbox. Plus I have a huge backlog of games for the Master System, Genesis, PS1, and PS2. I am 47, so I have enough games now to last the rest of my life.
Retro gamer.
The more consoles advance, the less interested in them I become.

User Info: ItsTheSasquatch

4 years ago#155
GoatJugSoup posted...
From there Sony and MS would either have to rectify the used game block or watch as they lost a lot of money (I doubt MS would go out of business but if that happened Sony might)

People on this board seem to be under the impression that Microsoft is bigger than Sony.

It's the opposite--Sony's total assets actually exceed Microsoft's by roughly 20 billion dollars.

Neither would go out of business, even if they failed to sell a single unit--MS still has its business software and OS sales, and Sony has its dirty little hands in almost everything (of particular note, they're one of the kingpins behind both the MPAA and RIAA).
*disappears into forest*

User Info: Atalalama

4 years ago#156
I likely either won't bother with either system, OR will ONLY buy games that I would place a reservation on. Games I'm not certain of but will give it a shot (like No More Heroes on the Wii, which I LOVED) will not be purchased unless it's at a used-game sale price. And I'm in the mood.

User Info: vanguard29

4 years ago#157
stawg007 posted...
Il keep gaming on current gen consoles

Then maybe consider next gen late into it's life when most games are very cheap

Official Kisame Hoshigaki of the UNS3 board.
Official Hei of the nonexistant DTB board.

User Info: funguy10

4 years ago#158
i voted "other" because i'm already going handheld. i've just switched over to the 3DS XL since dec.24

User Info: kcypher2000

4 years ago#159
Not like you can play used games on pc anyway. People here just whine too much.

User Info: mr_indiff

4 years ago#160
This kind of policy would affect me in the long run. It'd be difficult to find "new" copies of old games that would come out, let's say, on launch day if I'll be getting a new console a year after. A similar case would be for games with limited copies circulating.

This ban hammer will limit physical gatherings among gamers, and really push the always online gaming, which kinda sucks (for some/a lot of people). I don't like how these gaming companies tend to lead gamers to their needs; rather than the gamers lead the gaming companies (which gamer ever said they'd want no used games and always online gaming?). Whatever happened to the customers being always right?

Games' lifespan will be shorter without people sharing their games or experience. Innovation is key to drive the market, but long-term dedication and loyalty are just important. Many old school games still affect current gaming, and many older games are deemed better than games nowadays. The main way of sharing these games before were actually lending/selling physical second-hand copies of the games (not demos, not online gaming, etc). I'm cool with demos, but limiting a physical medium of expanding gameplay is, really, taking away human interaction.
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