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If Sony and Microsoft both block used games next gen what will you do?

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  3. If Sony and Microsoft both block used games next gen what will you do?

User Info: JohnnyCage2008

4 years ago#181
Don't be surprised when piracy reaches a new high if $ony & Micro$oft really do it.

User Info: TwoBits54

4 years ago#182
Whats so bad about buying a brand new game when it comes out?
You never even let that be an option
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User Info: ItsTheSasquatch

4 years ago#183
boredofyou posted...
Maybe another crash is what the industry needs.

It's exactly what the industry needs. The corrupt old corporate publishers need to die off and make room for smaller, more consumer-friendly devs (anti-DRM ideology; willingness to release experimental games rather than safe, boring, repetitive sequels; company actually run by game developers rather than soulless, money-grubbing MBAs).

Superrpgman posted...
What would be the point of switching to pc gaming? Almost all PC games for the last few years require a cd key, making most used games useless.

Hence piracy, which is much easier on a PC. For all the whining the big publishers do about piracy, I've never seen them make any honest attempt to refute the fact that it's their own DRM bull**** that really makes it appealing.
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User Info: Greyfox995

4 years ago#184
I have a PC so no real reason to buy a new console..

User Info: Bob the Almighty

Bob the Almighty
4 years ago#185
I don't play enough games to really worry about this. I typically just buy one game a pay day and really $60 every two weeks isn't a bad deal when it comes to entertainment.

If there's a steady flow of games I don't see the need to buy them all at once so I'll get the one I want most for $60 and then later down the road I can pick up the other games new off Amazon for $30 or $35 it seems.

My only fear of getting rid of the used game market is that we won't see new game prices drop. What I mean is I can order something like Dead or Alive 5 for $29 on Amazon right now. If that new copy wasn't competing against used copies at stores, there's no reason for the retailer/publisher to discount that price. If there wasn't used copies of DoA 5 to compete with, what's to say all new copies wouldn't be $45, $50, or even still $60 instead of $29 right now?

It seems like used games drives the price down for games that are a few months old. Without them the new copies will likely stay higher in price over a longer period of time (kinda like Nintendo games haha).
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User Info: oldvuz_ranga

4 years ago#186
I'm just going to switch over to pc if the rumors are true. I'd rather play my games on an open platform that blocks used games than a closed console that does the same thing. At least on pc I'll have more control over my games.

User Info: Veladus

4 years ago#187
Dance on Gamestop's grave.

User Info: Somajan

4 years ago#188
Lets see here.

Amazon already sells assassins creed 3 for $40 4 months after release. It could've been earlier.

There are a lot of third party retailers who are reselling the game for half, brand new.

I'm going to keep waiting for after new releases are made, and waiting for the goty edition for all extra dlc packs. At a low low price.
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User Info: rakashu

4 years ago#189
It would suck, as almost my entire collection are pre-owned games, very few of them are new titles.

I really don't like spending money, and I end up just forgetting a lot of times that a game came out. So I'm always getting them late when there are hardly any new copies left.

I understand that used game sales hurt the producers, but they are also going to hurt the consumer. What if I want to loan a game to a friend? What if a friend wants to loan a game to me? At 23 I still regularly borrow games from friends all the time; I don't think they are looking at that side of things.

The producers should talk with major game retailers and work it out with them; not expect console manufacturers to do something about it.
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User Info: HopesPeak

4 years ago#190
What cracks me up about gaming is how the publishers act as if gaming is a higher prized commodity than that of cars or guns, both of which have huge used sales markets.
Last I've checked, car & gun manufacturers don't treat you like a criminal for buying & selling a used game. LOL!

What makes it worse is that modern gaming is so homogenized and shallow that they're now as disposable as a prostitute.
Play them once and leave them. Games are entertainment, they become useless once they cease to be entertaining. The entertainment value of the modern game is fleeting.
(With the rare exception of a CDprojekt game.)
The used games sells market was a godsend during this gen because it at least let you recoup some of your money after you were finished playing these design by committee games that were only designed to be played through once.
Oh but they'll supposedly have infinite replaybility through multiplayer.
This has actually held true for fighting games such as Street Fighter 2 and Tekken, unfortunately most of these supposed multiplayer games that we have now in days happen to be the games with the most simplified and broken rulesets. (Call of Duty)
Why should I treat gaming as more prestigious than what it actually is when the devs themselves can't even take the time to come up with a balanced ruleset?

No, what passes for a game these days are barebones games where the vast majority of the budget was spent on marketing. LOL!
You're actually paying more for the marketing bill than you did with the game.
The used sells market actually sold the games at the price that they should've initially
be sold at.
After all, you're buying videogames, a toy.
Why should I have to pay for the goddamn marketing bill? Most games these days aren't worth 60$
I didn't mind paying 70$ for Chrono Trigger, 60$ for Kirby SuperStar, 70$ Super Street Fighter 2, or 80$ for Phantasy Star IV back in the day because there was a lot of bang per buck. You were spending money for actual game playing time.
This is why I usually only buy fighters or established franchises from the PSX era at launch because they usually have enough replay value & game to be worth the price tag. (Even Resident Evil 6 lives up to the standard of replay value that games had during the NES - PS2 era.)

It's like what the hell are these publishers & devs thinking?
If you don't want your games to be bought & resold then start making some better games.
I don't like Skyrim but I can see why it's popular. It gives you more bang per buck than the average current gen game.
It's actually more of a throw back to a time when videogames were meant to be explored. Either through mechanics like a fighter or the game world like Legend of Zelda.

The market value of a product is to be judged according to the consumer base. Unfortunately as with everything gaming related (especially "gaming journalism"), the gaming market acts ass backwards where it's the manufacturers who dictate to us what we can or can not do.
Gaming benefits from a capitalist society of leisure. Meaning that the value of a game could only go as high as the demand for it. Hence why most people buy modern games used. We used to pay full price back in the day but games back then were actually games, not interactive movies or a shallow product that only has the purpose to cover the bill for the marketing campaigns.

The hilarious part is how gaming treats itself as if they were as essential as food & water.
Even movies have a huge used sells market. What is it that makes gaming more important?
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