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If Sony and Microsoft both block used games next gen what will you do?

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  3. If Sony and Microsoft both block used games next gen what will you do?

User Info: youngskillz

4 years ago#191
let's just hope the consoles are hacked sooner rather than later, if they truely ban used games.

i imagine gamefly an other renting establishments will be gone too if this happens.
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User Info: HopesPeak

4 years ago#192
Last I've checked, car & gun manufacturers don't treat you like a criminal for buying & selling a used game. LOL!

Damn typo, I mean "selling used."

Like the mobile market has ever had use games and its
Growing the fastest. Truth is these whiners will
Complain but when the next gen hits and they have nothing to play
They will buy the games anyway. Just not used.

Mobile games don't have anywhere near the budget of a console game nor are they even remotely as expensive.
I usually buy the games that I want at day 1 for full price. (Mostly fighting games or established franchises.) The problem is that there's hardly any games I want.

I'll simply stop gaming all together because videogames honestly aren't worth the default price anymore.
The market of entertainment venues are decided by the consumers.
A market only exists so long as there is a demand.
I guess gaming exec. don't have to worry because there seems to be many shills like you who think that you're doing the gaming market a service by buying these crappy games that only last a hour, only for the rest of the game life to be spent on mediocre multiplayer.

User Info: DjSparx162

4 years ago#193
honestly i don't care if they do, i only really buy games i know i'm going to play for a long time, if anything it'll save me buying countless games i don't like and sticking to a few i enjoy, which in the long run will save money.

it'll also mean devs won't rush games, they'll want to sell it, so they'll make it as good as it can possibly be on release, so people buy it, rather than a mediocre game that gets good with DLC and patches

User Info: Emptybox

4 years ago#194
I'll continue buying unused copies when they're cheap.
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User Info: Nitharad

4 years ago#195
I hope everyone will be smart enogh to boycott Sony for this BS.

Customers are already exploited MORE than enough.

User Info: BahamutRider

4 years ago#196
Stick to nintendo and pc. My backlog is huge as is anyway.
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User Info: sarevokmb

4 years ago#197
I'll just stick with my PC, and probably buy a Wii U as well. If they block used games, they might as well just go digital only. I like to think that I'll be able to share my games with my kids eventually, like my parents shared their games with me. I'd hate to think that if my console broke and I had to replace it, all of my games would be useless. Yes, that will happen. 15-20 years from now, Microsoft and Sony won't be supporting license transfers for 720/PS4 games, when those system's successors are not even supported any more.
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User Info: Fulvip

4 years ago#198
It's not just used games. If they have something like Steam, what happens when you run out of space, or when the console breaks down? Even assuming they keep records online, so you don't have to rebuy everything in case something goes wrong, what happens when someone goes for another PSN fiasco you end up losing that information? With consoles always connected online there's a ton more stuff that can go wrong. They will end up having control of almost everything.
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User Info: anonymous46773

4 years ago#199
Stay with PC gaming.
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User Info: Quetzalma

4 years ago#200
Ghost_Reaper7 posted...
I never bought a used game this entire gen. All new.
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