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If Sony and Microsoft both block used games next gen what will you do?

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  3. If Sony and Microsoft both block used games next gen what will you do?

User Info: vind3d

4 years ago#201
stawg007 posted...
Il keep gaming on current gen consoles

Then maybe consider next gen late into it's life when most games are very cheap

Releasing next gen consoles now is like bring out desert when I'm only half-way through my PIZZA!!!
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User Info: CathickleSquall

4 years ago#202
I'd just hope I don't somehow ring my games.
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User Info: BloodyBooger

4 years ago#203
xtacb posted...
i dont buy used games anyway

ever since i found boogers (with a nose hair) in the manual of a used/sold as new game from GAMESTOP

it can't be that bad.
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User Info: mk2subzero

4 years ago#204
Depending on the release day price, I would just wait until the game has been out a while and dropped in price. Get it when they release a bundle with all the DLC, like Red Dead, Fall Out New Vegas, RE6 etc. Then you get the game, albeit it much later, but at a better price than original, with all the extras.
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User Info: Undietaker

4 years ago#205
Dunno what I'd do but one thing I'm sure of is it'd be the literal death of dedicated video game stores.
Stores make very very little profit on new games, around $5-10 dollars per copy at the most.
They make their money from buying the games back for little to resell for 50% +

If there's no used game market there's no video game stores period.

User Info: backdoor-bob

4 years ago#206
I'll stick to PC gaming

Well, even if they did do that, it's no different than PC gaming anyway
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User Info: DanteSInferno84

4 years ago#207
Another factor that apparantly gets overlooked by Developers who feel used game markets are their enemy, is the reason why we buy used sometimes: Access to new is just not there. I'll even list some current gen times I had to settle for used when I was willing to buy new.

Mass Effect: I came into the series late. ME2 was already being sold at a discount and I wanted to see what I missed. I could not, for the life of me, find a new copy of ME that wasn't being sold for an insane price online. And the sale of it as a platinum hit two years later wasn't known to me (though I AM tempted to buy it new now, since its cheap and my old disc had issues from the point i bought it). And had I not been able to do this, I never would of bought ME3 the day of launch because I wouldnt of been as invested in the series as I was.

Bioshock: This happened rather recently. I rented Bioshock 2, liked it, bought it discounted at Wal-Mart new, then wanted to play the first for the rest of the story. Same tale as ME, just it just couldn't be done.

If the Publishers would keep a looooong backstock of their games and offer them directly to the public well after the sale, I'd buy new (if the price is right) but thats just not how the market works. Like lets take my current issue. Its a little more dated, but I'm currently into getting the Digimon World games. If I could still buy them new straight from Namco Bandai, I sure would. But I can't (and they havent even released them on the PSN so i cant even go that route which I do sometime too). Which leaves buying used the only option I have (since I don't like emulators, unless I actually own the game and suddenly its become unplayable).

Some games arent always appreciated at launch, and sometimes take awhile and several used purchases till finally people start to really take notice and enjoy (Mario Sunshine being a good example). Sometimes used sales can lead to launch sales (especially for a long run series when some people miss out on the first game due to not haveing the system at the time or not really knowing of it yet). This whole arguement mainly bugs me because it feels like an industry I do love and has been a big part of my life, has started viewing us as the enemy, and not the valued customers we should be viewed as.

User Info: dudeitscool

4 years ago#208
People will just wait for the price drops to buy games new. So it won't change much. But Gamestop would go out of business. I would buy all my games off Amazon over Gamestop.
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User Info: Perfect Light

Perfect Light
4 years ago#209
pariah23 posted...
gjc2007 posted...
From: pariah23 | #452
I would have no issue with blocking used game sales--which I believe is worse than piracy

I'm sorry.....but no.

There are opinions, and then there is just plain being wrong.

A pirate was most likely never going to pay for the game at all no matter what.

A used game buyer decided to buy the game but then went ahead and gave full price -$5 to the parasites (Gamestop) instead.

Only in the second case is an actual sale lost to the people who made the game.

Only an idiot buys used from GameStop for $55. Clearly you know what "the Internet" is since you seem to be here. There's this little site they made here called Amazon. You should go look it up, they sell used games for way cheaper than GameStop. - New gaming series
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User Info: LeadPipeCinche

4 years ago#210
I never buy used games, so this won't affect me

how will it work with people who rent games though say through gamefly or blockbuster.
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