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If Sony and Microsoft both block used games next gen what will you do?

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User Info: Jinzo 111887

Jinzo 111887
4 years ago#221
From: true_gamer80 | #217
1.)umm continue to play games and be a gamer....crazy thought huh, with each passing day I question just how many of oyu are actual gamers and are about just playing games....not freaking out over nickle and diming everyone and everything then whining about of all things used games.

2.)which brings up something else I find funny with this place...all this clearly shows just how big and a problem the used game market has become. One thing to be dissapointed I can get that but to give up gaming or complain this much...all about used games lol....but i thought it wasnt this big issue(used game market) well when the vast majority of ppl throw fits, make threats, give up gaming all cause they cant play used lol....very apparent whatkind of 'gamer" plagues this place lol....priorities with gaming seems to be completely backwards with some lol

3.)I also find it funny ppl call companies evil for trying to make money(you know the main reasoon to get into the business lol) then they themselves nickle and dime non stop but then they turn around and call some comapny evil for doing the same thing in a sense lol...ronic or what lol

1.) People still can still continue playing video games like you, even if they don't like new business practices. I suggest going retro. These companies don't get anything for abusing DRM, and they can keep playing. Hooray for vintage cartridge games, USB cartridge readers, and emulators.

2.) People hate being shoved around. While I normally will buy new, I hate it when companies tell me I'm not allowed the option of reselling, renting, lending, borrowing, or buying used. Besides, they're making a scapegoat out of it since they aren't getting our money directly either way. (Writing "Get back to work on Mega Man Legends 3!" on the money I spend on a new Capcom game like Resident Evil 6 won't result in Capcom seeing the money and getting my message.)

3.)They still can, but they have to play by the laws. Blocking used games is illegal in Europe, so they can get in deep trouble for it.
Giygas used the Red Ring of Death to sabotage Slenderman's plan to use Xbox 360s and Halo to brainwash kids.
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  3. If Sony and Microsoft both block used games next gen what will you do?

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