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If Sony and Microsoft both block used games next gen what will you do?

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User Info: deathsaber79

4 years ago#41
There will be a whole let less games bought on my part- granted Im somone who gets 3-4 game a month- I almost never buy used, however I almost always trade in or sell old games to at least partially finance new ones.

IMO if these used game blockages go into place, then the game price points need to drop to no more than $39.99. Otherwise, I will wait for the bargain bin almost everytime, and I know that doesn't help any of the devs at all.

All in all, it would be a real dumb move for the industry to do this, and don't buy for a second that either MS or ps3 will implement it in the end- it might sound sexy to them to talk about, as far as how their relations go with publishers, but they all know in the end all they'll see is greatly diminished sales.

User Info: Universquall

4 years ago#42
Sony=I don't know. Microsoft are irrelevant.
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User Info: SmoshCuch

4 years ago#43

I have plenty of other ways to game if they want to try that. Oh, and I buy mostly new, used is only for out-of-print games that I cannot buy new.

User Info: Newave

4 years ago#44
Other: Boycott all new Sony and Microsoft products and keep playing games as I always have.

There are still hundreds of games already out there that I don't have yet and many games in my collection I haven't played through.

My days of gaming won't end because Sony and Microsoft does, to be honest their end won't even register on my gaming habits.
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User Info: RetsuZaiZen

4 years ago#45
Other: Keep playing PS3 games
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User Info: xxSkyShadowxx

4 years ago#46
I don't typically buy used games, but if they mess with my rights/options as a consumer, I will not reward them with my money. I will simply focus on PC gaming.

Now if every employee at Sony/Microsoft can provide documented proof online that they do not rent their property, only bought a new house built specifically for them, never bought a used car or used furniture and buy all the movies they watch versus renting...then I may change my stance. The current devloper/publisher stance on used games is beyond ridiculous.

Give folks a good reason to pay for a new game (i.e. quality game, not misrepresented pre-release, don't alienate your consumers...blah blah other basics in Capitalism), and the folks who do purchase used copies won't be as impactful.

User Info: Jason_Hudson

4 years ago#47
It'll be only buying new games. I already have a gaming PC and make a good use of steam so I usually buy new anyway.

I haven't bought many used games this gen anyway - Saints Row 2, Final Fantasy XIII, MAG, CoD: World At War, CoD 4 (xbox), Scarface (Wii), Super Mario Galaxy (Wii) Resident Evil (Wii) and Bully (Wii)... Think that's it. Bought many more used for the PS2 because I didn't have the money back then.

However, I do rent a lot of games from LoveFilm when I want to play them but don't want to buy them.

It'll just mean I can't rent games nor buy used those I don't want to spend full price on. Therefore a lot of game companies will be impacted as people won't want to buy a game for a playthrough that they can't trade in afterwards.
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User Info: Paulf001

4 years ago#48
To the people who say they will boycot Sony and MS and go to PC. You're going to not buy PS4/720 and still go to the same system that already exists on PC?

User Info: GuardianShadow0

4 years ago#49
Godly_Goof posted...
As long as they didn't go full digital it wouldn't affect me one bit. They go full digital and I walk.

This. I don't plan on buying a PS4 or 720 till they've been out a couple years. I've got a huge backlog and can wait till the problems are fixed and for a couple price drops.

User Info: Vicious7

4 years ago#50
Point and laugh at Gamestop as they lose millions while I enjoy my new system and new games.
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