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what would you rather see February 20th The Last Guardian or PS4?

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  3. what would you rather see February 20th The Last Guardian or PS4?

User Info: I_am_Omnipotent

4 years ago#1
Which would you be more excited about? - Results (66 votes)
60.61% (40 votes)
The Last Guardian
39.39% (26 votes)
This poll is now closed.
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User Info: Junpei_Stupei

4 years ago#2
Versus XIII
I think I bought the wrong console this gen.

User Info: ShaunageAU

4 years ago#3
The Last Guardian, because the PS4 is guaranteed, but that game no longer is.
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User Info: nihilist212

4 years ago#4
Why no neither option?
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User Info: badboy

4 years ago#5
nihilist212 posted...
Why no neither option?

User Info: Yggdrasille

4 years ago#6
The Last Guardian for sure.
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User Info: kingstag

4 years ago#7
Didn't Sony specifically state that when something was ready to announce for The Last Guardian that they would hold a special announcement for it?

Personally, I think they're going to announce BOTH.

They'll announce the PS4 first and then drop that the PS3 isn't dead yet -- in fact, The Last Guardian is finished and coming out in 2013.



User Info: steker16

4 years ago#8
PS4 because the last guardian looks boring as hell

herp derp lets all play never ending story the game

User Info: RPG maniac87

RPG maniac87
4 years ago#9
No hurry for PS4. Just means more waiting for it to build up its library.
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User Info: Mindwipe77

4 years ago#10
ps4, dont give a crap about last guardian
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  3. what would you rather see February 20th The Last Guardian or PS4?

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