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What's the best HD JRPG so far this gen?

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User Info: 1Truth

4 years ago#1
Please don't say Xenoblade or The Last Story. Those are both SD games.
Final Fantasy XII is a masterpiece in both game design and story.

User Info: WiiareVenom

4 years ago#2
Personally, I like Blue Dragon.
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User Info: Solnot

4 years ago#3

User Info: theshoveller

4 years ago#4
Mass Effe-

Nah, I kid. If MMOs count, then probably PSO2. If they don't, then probably Ni No Kuni (though I might just be suffering from Shiny New Game Syndrome.) It has kept me entertained longer than any others I've played this generation so far, though.

User Info: JuanZolo

4 years ago#5
Ni No Kuni by a healthy margin.
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User Info: HIroChu

4 years ago#6
Tales of xillia.

User Info: PHEEliNUX

4 years ago#7
Tales of Vesperia

User Info: megaultrarice34

4 years ago#8
2nd Super Robot Wars Original Generation
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User Info: raige

4 years ago#9
Tales of Vesperia, PS3.

User Info: youngskillz

4 years ago#10
magna carta II, lost oddysea and infinite undiscovery, 3 of the best.

i probably enjoyed mc the most.

star ocean 4 gets an honorable mention aswell, not for the story really, but for the shiny an vibrant visuals/atmosphere, and gameplay.
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