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If people don't like modern FF, why do they keep buying and playing the games?

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  3. If people don't like modern FF, why do they keep buying and playing the games?

User Info: GazelMinistry

4 years ago#31
How can you be sure you don't like a game unless you play it? (Assuming the genre appeals to you to begin with.)
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User Info: badboy

4 years ago#32
Because they like to complain.

User Info: Paulf001

4 years ago#33
In FFXIII I like the battle system, the story was interesting and I liked the characters. If you don't like FF13 you don't have to constantly complain about it. There are people who enjoyed FF13.

The only thing I didn't like was that it killed my PS3 laser burned out and had to get a new one. I still want to play more FFXIII but I think it would just burn out my new ps3.

User Info: Azure_lKite

4 years ago#34
RevolutionV posted...
I tried to convince myself that I liked FFXIII, heck I even defended the game for a while, but after I took the blinders off, I could no longer lie to myself; FFXIII was a tedious, awful FF game. I bought it blindly, because that's what I have always done with the FF titles and they have never let me down. I finished the game, because I had invested too much time on it and I could not just leave the game half done.

But because of FFXIII, I did not buy FFXIII-2 and will not buy LT:FFXIII. I'm also going to be more careful when giving my money to SE, so they did loose a life-long, loyal customer and their constant rehashing of the FNC and FFXIII world has only made me more skeptical of their direction.

I usually don't complain about games, but this was the biggest disappointment this gen for me...By FAR.

Are you me? >_>

I got as far as getting the Platinum on XIII.... Just because I swore to myself I would do so. It was my first PS3 game and I was SO looking forward to playing FF on a modern platform... Look how it turned out.

I bought Dissidia 012 in the sale though, but that game is a whole other story and is considered pretty good in general. And I agree.
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User Info: 1Truth

4 years ago#35
I still remember FF fans like myself saying before FFXIII came out that it would save JRPGs and single handily defeat all the WRPGs. How wrong we were. LOL!
Final Fantasy XII is a masterpiece in both game design and story.

User Info: theshoveller

4 years ago#36
1Truth posted...
mistermikeymike posted...
pretty sure they arent. look at the drop off in sales from 13->13-2

BokuxPico posted...
Haven't bought a single final fantasy game since 13 came out.

DarkSymbiote posted...
What are you talking about? FFXIII-2 sold considerably less than the prequel.

True. I guess there are people out there that are doing what I've stated in the OP. It's only the most dedicated and diehard of fans that are still sticking with the series.

Not always. I'm not a big Final Fantasy guy myself, but I picked up 13 and 13-2 for cheap because they looked interesting. I played some of 13, and I kinda like it, but it's easy to see where people have gripes with it.

User Info: toadieman

4 years ago#37
Me and Final Fantasy go way back so it's hard to just quit them.
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User Info: Sxmfct

4 years ago#38
12 was the last FF game I bought

Someone gave me 13, I hated it so I sold it. Not even gonna bother with crap like 13-2 and VS 13
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User Info: CrankShaft

4 years ago#39
there are so few jrpg's on home consoles we just take what we can get.

i wouldn't buy handhelds if it wasn't for the fact that they are where jrpg's have gone to.

User Info: Madrox23

4 years ago#40
For me it's hope. I always hope they'll return to greatness. Square hasn't impressed me in years, but ff has just been bad 1 game as far as i know. I haven't played 13-3 though. Just waiting for them to get this ff13 thing outta there system.
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  3. If people don't like modern FF, why do they keep buying and playing the games?

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