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PS4 is coming soon, how many games have to interest you to buy it?

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User Info: pecorre

4 years ago#61
1 very big game (metal gear solid, uncharted, dark souls 2...)


3 great games

User Info: Pendragoon

4 years ago#62
I have a rule of 10.

10 must buy games before I will buy a system. I made this rule after the last round of systems burned me with long gaps between games.
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User Info: Virus66

4 years ago#63
As long as there are 2 games right off the bat that I want, I'll usually buy a system.

However, with the rumors swirling about the price and used games... there's a bit more to it than just games now.

I will only buy the PS4/Orbis/whatever on day 1 if it is close to $400. Also the console must not have used game bans in any capacity. Aside from my right to do whatever I want with an item I purchase (including lending it or reselling it) some games are just not in sufficient supply and are impossible to find new. Nier, Brutal Legend and Asura's Wrath were three games that when I found them were not available new.
Plus the way I think of it, what if I wanted to play Final Fantasy VII but they had a used game ban starting back on the PS1? There are no new copies of that game that are reasonable to purchase. That leaves you with only digital downloads, assuming they offer them for the game you are looking for. You are also subject to paying $60 for a three year old game and the price is likely to not degrade as quickly, because they know it's your only option.

EDIT: Also forgot, it cannot be always online. My house does not get a decent internet connect so I'm reliant on 3G and that does not translate too well to reliable console gaming.
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User Info: devotedislamfan

4 years ago#64
LodeiroSnake posted...
I never buy Day 1 consoles
Since Sony just gonna release upgraded version of the PS4 overtime like usual.
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User Info: namethatno1uses

4 years ago#65
The first system revision has to come before I buy the console. By then, it's cheaper and has at least 3 good games. 3 is enough to convince me.

I'm never buying a first-release console again. Here's why:
- 3DS price drop VERY soon
- 3DS XL roughly a year after release
- 3 (or 4?) different versions of PSP, most better than the last
- 360 too loud, RROD
- FatPS3 too loud, YLOD (PS2 loss is annoying though)
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User Info: tr1bes

4 years ago#66
I will wait. I want to know their capabilities first.

Can it play backward compatible?
Can it play used games?
Is it digital download?
Internet service? free or pay.
Exclusives? Really, I don't care about it though.
How much?
What other goodies comes along w/ it?
Failure rates? Does it break often. Maybe I should wait until all the bugs being fix.

Maybe most of these questions will be answered this upcoming 20th of Febraury.
VindictivePacifist 4 years ago#67
As soon as they support it with PS+, I'll pick one up.

User Info: hockeybub89

4 years ago#68
I wouldn't buy the PS4 day 1 if it had 200 games I wanted. I know I'm still going to have PS3 games I want to finish when the PS4 comes out. I'd say I'll probably be ready a year or so after launch to semi-retire my PS3 and pick up the PS4. Bears Beets Battlestar Galactica

User Info: EspicaGF

4 years ago#69
If Dragon Age 3 and/or Fallout 4 are launch games I'll most likely buy it.

User Info: KARGOO

4 years ago#70
If it's the right one I only need 1 (Toukon Retsuden 5, Wrestle Kingdom 3, Virtual Pro-Wrestling 3).

(But I'm buying all consoles anyway)
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