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EA is pissing me off lately

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User Info: thesnoopmeister

4 years ago#41
GunningSoul posted...
Gamer logic:

If a game is bad, it's EA's fault.
If a game is good, then EA has nothing to do with it.

EA simply cannot win. The now "ruined" Dead Space remains a franchise that EA made from the grounds up, but that doest count. Better never had Dead Space 1 and 2 than have the third iteration of the franchise midly displease our fickle tastes.

User Info: king_madden

4 years ago#42
_tanjil_ posted...
TheRatedR_Viper posted...
Mass Effect 3- To get the best ending you have to play our tacked on MP

Dead Space 3- Don't have a co-op partner or prefer playing solo? F*** you and enjoy a decent chunk of the game locked because we're to lazy to give Carver an AI. Forget Split-Screen too, we want to sell 2 copies of the game and make more money! What's worse is I'm seeing people compliment this decision just so they can say " It's better than companies like Capcom throwing in worthless AI!". I'm sorry but what?! Atleast whether you love it or hate it regardless of AI quality you can experience the ENTIRE game solo!

it is beyond stupid. I sorta stopped buying EA games for two reasons. Burnout Paradise, you have to buy the option to play split screen for either $10 or $15, it's more expensive than the game itself.

When they released SSX without multiplayer or Split screen and had the audacity to include an online pass.

Well after that I simply hate EA, but will still buy their games if it looks good. Sorta like when you try to be healthy and economic , but end up eating a $10 burger when you could have had a $5 burger. It's terrible but delicious.

Anyways, I'm not one of those guys who Boycotts a company, but still buys the games used to stick it to the man, hell I don't boycott period. I especially don't spread hate on a company, that being said...what they doing with dead space is hilarious, lazy and evil.

just wanted to pop in and say burnout paradise didnt have splitscreen DLC, and for some reason a lot of racing games, well games in general this gen have no splitscreen but an online pass.

a lot of single player games have no multiplayer, but offer an online pass.
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