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simplest method of getting US psn store credit as a non-US citizen?

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User Info: HolierThanMao

4 years ago#1
i'm guessing cards, but i'm having trouble finding (reputable) looking places that deliver codes by email and accept paypal as a payment option

i'm not keen on inputting credit/debit card information on the actual store, since faking billing addresses is probably fraud of some kind

amazon is apparently good, but i'm running into the same problem of having to use a non-US credit/debit card for payment

help me out broskis, i wanna capitalize on this ff anniversary sale while it lasts

User Info: CammyApple

4 years ago#2
Does Play-Asia sell US cards anymore? I know they did at one time and they emailed the codes.
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User Info: Celes--Chere

4 years ago#3
Just Ebay it:

User Info: badboy

4 years ago#4
You can't use foreign credit cards, the store will see your address on the card and if it doesn't match the store's country, your payment will be rejected. Just get a US PSN prepaid card.

User Info: Artemicion82

4 years ago#5
Would it let you transfer paypal money? Or does it recognize the currency difference?

Worst case scenario, if you have a trusted enough friend in the US they can buy psn cards and tell you the 12 digit code, you can send them the money they spent back using paypal.

User Info: Neoreloaded313

4 years ago#6

Not sure if they email the codes, I have never had any issues from this store.
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User Info: greatone101

4 years ago#7
I moved from US to Canada and thanks to the idiots at Sony i cant changed my country to Canada at the PSN store. So what i did was i used my Canadian credit cards and bought the Online PSN store codes from and it worked fine.

User Info: Sxmfct

4 years ago#8

Though I haven't used it for a couple of years there's no reason why it shouldn't still work
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User Info: Xechs

4 years ago#9
I have used for the past 4 years. They have been great to me. I usually order CDN and UK cards from them. But I do use Amazon a lot. The good thing with them is they are paypal and instant about 5 mins from ordering they send you by email. They do charge $3-8 premium depending on how big a card you get.

The only thing is first time I did the service they asked for email associated with PSN account and maybe a phone number which on their site can take up to 12 hours to verify (only a phone call about 2 hours after ordering for me but YMMV). It's been instant after that. Not sure how long the sale is but if if you can wait it might be an option.

Also maybe you should start off by saying where your from. I'm in the US so I know a lot of sites that cater to getting euro, US or jpn psn cheap but they only ship/email to US residents. If you said where you are from atleast people can recommend some specific local sites as well. I know UK people on this board that are regulars and would can help if you are from UK. But Ebay is also good, just buy from good sellers. Ranka-Macross Frontier
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  3. simplest method of getting US psn store credit as a non-US citizen?

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