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Would you forgive Capcom if they made DMC5?

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User Info: knuxnole

4 years ago#21
DMC5 will never happen. The Old dante is old news, spoiled milk, etc.

The reboot already happened, the "new" Dante is the new face until 10 years in the future. Then they can do another reboot if they chose.
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User Info: blitz-boy11

4 years ago#22
I'll forgive them if they stopped the DmC series and instead hired Platinum Games and have them work on a new Strider game instead
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User Info: TheCyborgNinja

4 years ago#23
I'd forgive Capcom if they never did on-disc DLC again, never made "mandatory" things DLC, and did a complete HD overhaul of Resident Evil 2.
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User Info: twopoundcow

4 years ago#24
I'll forgive them as soon as Megaman Legends 3 is out.

User Info: AwesomePS3gamer

4 years ago#25
No, I will forgive them if they stopped locking half of thier games' content to sell it later as DLC.

User Info: SubSeenix

4 years ago#26
blitz-boy11 posted...
I'll forgive them if they stopped the DmC series and instead hired Platinum Games and have them work on a new Strider game instead

Yeah Platinum Games the company lead by the people who left Capcom cause they hated each other will work for Capcom.
Will never ever happen - Kamiya and co are done with Capcom.

DMC,DmC,dmC or whatever they will come up with will never be like DMC cause they won't work on the game.
Since DMC1 aka the first game of the whole franchise the main team didn't work anymore on the franchise.
EVERY Game of that franchise was a reboot and NT just changed the most in form of the design of Dante.
All you "fans" don't know crap about the franchise.
Dante a character more annoying than most of the 5 year old kids on XboxLIve.
Yeah he kinda looked stylish but who cares - He was an idiot,he still is an idiot and looks like an idiot right now.

And Platinum Games doesn't need to work with Capcom.
Bayonetta,Vanquish and probably MGR are much better than everything they could do for Capcom cause at PG they can do what THEY want.
They don't have to please Capcom who only are interested in the CoD Community.

User Info: Porunga

4 years ago#27
There is nothing to forgive them for. DmC was awesome, and more people would know that if they actually played the game instead of blindly hating it.

I am convinced that most of the blind haters have never played it, and therefore have no credibility to comment on it. The people that have played the game, but still didn't like it, has actual valid reasons. And most that I have seen say that they really liked some aspects of the game, and not others. I can accept that, games can not please everyone, but the people that have nothing but venom to spew has most likely never played it outside of the demo.... and some of them didn't even play that.

User Info: ImaPC

4 years ago#28
I'd actually really like to see a DmC2. I thought DmC was a really great game, far better then DMC4. I even enjoyed it more then Bayonetta.

The games Ninja Theory release just keep getting better and better. Platinum on the other hand is really hit and miss, and they seem to miss a whole lot. And if the MGR demo is any indication, then that game will be a mediocre overall package also. Above average gameplay, with everything else screaming low budget and mediocrity. That's pretty much every Platinum game.

DmC was by far a more complete package then anything Platinum has ever done. So I definitely would like to see what new heights Ninja Theory could reach with DmC2.

User Info: frater_david

4 years ago#29
Sure, but they would also have to make MML3, REmake 2 jointed with 3 (and HD ports of REmake and 0 to PS3 and 360). That's a start at least.
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