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l am 100% behind banning used games

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User Info: JustPlainEvil

4 years ago#401
Excuse_Me posted...
People like you are whats wrong with gaming.
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User Info: Still__Rippin

4 years ago#402
riddlebox89 posted...
Still__Rippin posted...
Movie ticket- $13(on the low end) 90 minutes

Videogame- $60 10 hours at the very least. RPG-80+ Hmmm, less than a dollar for an hour of entertainment is very very cheap. And like l said, l am not talking about games NOW, l'm talking about next gen games. Which, if they did ban used games it would only make sense they would make them accessible. Does that not compute?

The overall length of the game is irrelevant, even 3 hour games are $60 brand new.

How the hell would banning used games make games more accessible? It doesn't make them accessible at all.

Like I've already said, if you're 100% supportive of this garbage, you're nothing less than a pathetic tool.

l said that if they banned used games they would make the new games accessible. Most likely by continuing to make copies or having them available digitally.

JustPlainEvil posted...
Excuse_Me posted...
People like you are whats wrong with gaming.

How is someone who buys all their games and systems brand new what's wrong with gaming?
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User Info: DanteSInferno84

4 years ago#403

One of the best articles I've found over this issue. And it really speaks true, if you've read the comments posted here.

Most of the time, as far used sales go, it those of us who have heard alot about a game, but never got around to playing it. So we find it for a very good price, and we pick it up, and in several cases go "Holy cow, this is great! I wanna play the next one!" and depending on the lifecycle of the series, that next one could very well be new.

Overall, every model and number series I've seen has a flaw when it shows Gamestops profits.

1) They tend to focus on a companies yearly profit make or loss. Gamestop's used sales factor in games that were never part of that companies year release and thus not likely to have been part of what was counted

2) Most losses can be more attributed to major game flops or controveries (I.E. Dragon Age 2 and ME3's ending controversy).

3) Gamestop has a better chance to profit better, as it can get product in and out much faster than a game company. Its business model makes for a good constant loop in business that just cannot reasonably be expected or hoped for by game companies (I would hate for a new game to be available every single day, the quality would suck for the majority I'm sure).

4) The economy is still pretty much in the toilet. Even once every few months, $60 is a big investment (or at least a daunting number that makes you pause). Price a game around $15-$20, and the impulse buy is more likely. More so if its for less (currently been buying up ALOT of PS2 and Gamecube games used because their around $5 a piece, and frankly, I didn't really want them, but felt the price was right to give them a chance). So while game companies are seeing LESS profit (not a loss of profit) than they expected, Gamestop and others like it can see a profit through nickel and dimeing things till they add up big.

Do I enjoy Gamestop? No. Half the time even their "deals" aren't good enough for me. I tend to frequent my local used game shop. But you can't fault them for finding a market to make a profit, and then profiting. Its the very center of the business model for our entire economy.

User Info: PStrife

4 years ago#404
brycemorr posted...
Nightwish posted...
What makes games so special that they shouldn't be resold? Movies and music have been dealing with resales far longer and they're fine. Should it be illegal to resell cars? What about when those games are no longer produced and can't be bought new anymore?

The thing is about used cars most used car sales place are contracted out through the major car companies so they see a profit out it. Places like Gamestop and EB Games when they sell used games the developers dont see a dime.

If you want proof that the Used games is killing the Video Game Industry just look at THQ and Atari. Two really good publishers with really good Devs went bankrupt because of the Used games.

You mean bad business practices/decisions. Clearly you know nothing of how awful their histories are. Used games killed nobody, stop using scapegoats for Atari/Infograme's poor marketing & branding & crappy games (like Alone in the Dark). Or THQ wasting millions producing a stupid tablet gimmick for the HD audience that nobody was asking for.

Biness is more then about used games in the reals world. People in charge make stupid decisions all the time. Why can't stupid human decisions be blamed for stupid human decision making skills? Nobody should be held responsible for their stupid decisions these days by your logic, instead you must blame the closest scapegoat.

If you produce things nobody wants then that is your own fault for failing at understanding a market. Kid looking for scapegoats and no responsibility for bad human decisions.

User Info: crunchb3rry

4 years ago#405
If I can't afford a new car, should I have to walk everywhere? Because General Motors won't get a penny of profit if I buy a car from the classified section? How are games different? OP is dumber than a bag of hammers.

User Info: _tanjil_

4 years ago#406
I wonder if ill stay up long enough to see this topic hit 500....I'm sleepy xD

User Info: alfred_ashford

4 years ago#407
so does this mean no more gamefly?
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User Info: PStrife

4 years ago#408
Nightwish posted...
The only thing I could support is limited used sales, for instance GameStop and amazon and the big companies are prohibited from selling games secondhand before a predetermined amount of time has passed. I do NOT agree with GameStop selling a used copy of a game that's been out a month for 5 bucks less...but selling a year old game used that's already hit its sales peak would be fine.

If I make a product people do not like and have regrets of owning, how the hell do you get rid of this garbage they just bought? You clearly take the system for granted, if it does not get re-sold it lands in a landfill or worse. Where does this product that clearly sucks go?

Whether or not you like it the Gamestops of the world, they hold a greater purpose that you do not wish to acknowledge. Trying to take free market rights away from anyone lands you in court and worse.

You seem to want manufacturers/publishers to get free passes for making things people didn't enjoy or thought were substandard. That is a terrible socio-economic system and actually affects everyone negatively. Without an actual outlet for the negativity things get bottled up and society gets awful bad.

User Info: _tanjil_

4 years ago#409
crunchb3rry posted...
If I can't afford a new car, should I have to walk everywhere? Because General Motors won't get a penny of profit if I buy a car from the classified section? How are games different? OP is dumber than a bag of hammers.

Meh cars are the only reasonable argument. Some people bringing up stuff like homes, and food xD But assuming used cars were not a thing anymore, then there's always public transportation

User Info: Holden_Mcgroin

4 years ago#410
If people actually want to compare gaming to music and movies in the whole used market then consider this. Movies generally make their money in theaters. Movies that go straight to DVD don't need very many to be sold to make their profit. Plus companies such as red box will buy these films to rent to customers. As you can see the movie companies aren't really that concerned with used movie sales. Music sales in stores don't net the bands very much money anyway, so they don't give a crap about used sales of CDs. They make their money off of concerts, and merchandise. The more people that has a chance to hear their music, is more people that come to the shows. Now game companies make their money off of new sales of their games. they don't get money from their product in any other way. Sure some places will buy some copies to rent out, but that is it. They don't get to have events to make a bunch of cash before it goes to stores, so when used copies of their product gets sold, it hurts them. Plus the world would be a better place if GameStop went out of business anyway.
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